HTLC News Email, January 26, 2018

Hi, Everyone:

This Sunday, January 28th, is the 4th Sunday of Epiphany and Lutheran Loose Change Sunday.  Rev. Dr. Diane Bowers will be filling in for Pastor Tim this Sunday while he is attending the ELCA Youth Ministry Network Convention in Houston, TX.  Who is Rev. Dr. Diane Bowers, I hear you say?  Well, I’m glad you asked because I have her bio right here:  “Diane Bowers is an ordained pastor in the Sierra Pacific Synod, a theologian, writer and teacher.  Born in Africa to Lutheran missionary parents, she has a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology and a particular love for the Reformation.  Her current interest is in developing alternative models for shrinking congregations. She is an adjunct instructor at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, and lives in Berkeley with her husband Hans-Christian.  Together they spend too much time on Facebook, discuss politics, ride trains, and share a mutual love of California wine, food, architecture and landscape.”  Should be fascinating, don’t miss it!  (not that PT isn’t fascinating…)

Also this Sunday is RIC Sunday.  Each year, the last Sunday in January is designated as a day that RIC congregations celebrate what it means to welcome all, including the LGBTQ community. As we have recently become an RIC congregation, this is our first year to celebrate it!  We have a special liturgy during services and treats provided by the RIC Task Force (no masquerade ball, alas!).  For more information on Reconciling In Christ please visit

Tonight is Family Movie Night and potluck.  Popcorn starts around 6:30 pm in the Activity Room, movie about 7 pm.  The film tonight is one of them Pirates of the Caribbean movies.  Bring your eyepatch if you want to see it in 1-D!  (Yes, Randy, I know 1-D would just be a point and you would still see it in 2-D.  It’s a joke!  Like this one:  What did Johnny Depp have to pay to get his ears pierced for the movie?  A buck an ear!  [Get it?  Bucc-an-eer!  Thanks, Dixie Cups!]).

Next Sunday, Feb  4th is the Souper Bowl of Caring (along with that other similarly-named trademarked event).  Please bring cans of soup or other non-perishables as well as extra money, and the youth will collect it all in their big soup pots after each service (well, maybe not the cans of soup – that would be pretty heavy).  The money and food will go to local charities.  We will also have our usual Soup Potluck between services to celebrate.  Sign-ups to bring soup are on the Media Table.  Wear your sports-themed best!

Your 2017 Giving Statements are available on the Media Table.  Please pick them up this Sunday so I don’t have to spend the extra stamps (and time – really, I’m just lazy) to mail them all out.

Don’t forget:  only two weeks to the Annual Congregational Meeting on February 11th at 11:15 pm after the single service at 10 am.  We need everybody’s input, ideas, and votes (and stomachs – you know, for the food).

Susie Faries is in need of a room to rent in the area for a few weeks.  Her dog Lily is undergoing cancer treatments locally, and she’s been driving back and forth from the Sacramento area.  If you are able to help, please call her at (510) 207-2414.

And the award for parenthetical remark of the week goes to… Family Movie Night for length and nested parentheses!

See you in church!

Keith Hillesland

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