HTLC’s New Website Has Launched

If you’re new to this website, you won’t know it but this new site launched on Sunday, August 24.

It is not (and may never be) complete but it is well underway and does more than ever to meet the needs of our members and the whole community we serve.

Please take a good look around. Press a few buttons and follow the links to learn how the website works and the kinds of information we provide to help you understand and appreciate who we are.

Because we are a vibrant community, our calendar is a very important element of the site. It is designed to provide a view of everything that is scheduled to occur here. With all that’s going on, including use of our facilities by other organizations, the calendar may be a bit overwhelming at first. But . . .

The calendar has a very useful feature that can help you more quickly find just what you’re looking for. Use the Categories list to select just one category you’re interested in and the calendar will be narrowed down to just the events fitting that category. For instance, if you place your pointer over the Categories button and then select Worship from the list that drops down, the calendar will just show our worship services.
(Click the small x in the Categories button to clear your selection and see all events again.)

While you’re at it, try the view button next to the Categories button. (It starts as Month.) You might just find a view that’s more to your liking than the month view.

We hope you’ll find this website to be helpful and that you’ll come back often.

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