This Week at Holy Trinity, August 04, 2017

Hi, Everyone:

This Sunday, August 6th, is the 9th Sunday after Pentecost and Nacho Name Tag Sunday.  There is also a Council Meeting at 11:15 am.  Oh, and Jesus feeds 5,000 people (I bet there would be even more people if he’d fed them nachos instead of bread and fish!).

Tonight, August 4th, is Game Night.  Hopefully it won’t be so hot tonight!  Feel free to bring your favorite games and food (breaded fish sticks might be appropriate), and be prepared to have fun, unless you’re a sore loser (it’s not the heat – it’s the humility!).

This Sunday is the last day for feedback on the Welcome Statement draft.  We’ve gotten some great suggestions already.  We’ve also had some responses that seem to suggest we need to reiterate why we are doing this.  Here’s the gist:

  1. Reconciling in Christ (RIC) is an ELCA-recognized organization that publishes a directory of LGBTQ-friendly Lutheran churches.
  2. To get on this roster, a church needs to approve, through a congregational vote, a Welcoming Statement that specifically mentions the LGBTQ community.

That’s pretty much it.  Now, once you mention the LGBTQ community, it’s hard not to mention other marginalized groups in the Welcome Statement as well.  Striking a balance between inclusivity and brevity is difficult, which is why we need your help!  Please give us your suggestions by filling out the lilac-colored forms on the Media Table and placing them in the rainbow-ribboned basket (subtle!), or by filling out the online form at  We appreciate your input.  The official Congregational vote will be after service on August 27th.

Only two weeks until Lu-Wow!  Yes, the goofy Hawaiian-themed potluck is back on August 20th.  Start thinking about what to bring, and start ironing those grass skirts!

The end of summer break is fast approaching and Sunday School is just a month away!  If you are interested in helping as a teacher or volunteer this year, please let Marta Wicke know.  Sunday School is a great way to share our faith and harness some of the energy in our youth (and adults).

See you in church!

Keith Hillesland

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