This Week at Holy Trinity, December 29, 2017

Merry Christmas, Everyone!  Yes, it’s only the fifth day of Christmas, so technically you still have a week to send out your Christmas cards before they become Epiphany cards. (If they depict the wise men, you have even longer!)

This Sunday, December 31st, is the 1st Sunday of Christmas (and New Year’s Eve).  There will be a single service at 10 am which is going to be our annual Service of Carols.  Any carols you didn’t get to sing on Christmas Eve will probably show up here.  After the service we will have the usual Christmas Brunch Potluck (as I said, it’s still Christmas).  Feel free to bring your favorite nativity scene or other Christmas tchotchke for decoration so others can ooh and ah over it (yes, I know I used a Yiddish term for a Christmas item – so sue me!).  Next week we will return to our normal two-service schedule with Sunday School, Adult Forum, and Parenting Forum at their usual times.

There will be no Tuesday Morning Bible Study this week.  Bible Study will resume on January 10th at 10 am.  However, there will be an R&R Circle meeting on Wednesday, January 3rd at 10 am with lunch to follow.

For those of you who donated to the Adopt an Angel program in November and plan to claim it on your taxes, there are thank-you slips with the tax ID number on the Media Table. Thank you for your generosity!

And while we’re thanking people, thanks to all who helped out with Christmas Eve services – ushers, acolytes, readers, communion assistants, altar guild, and  musicians. Special thanks to Meg Ehmann who decorated the narthex and altar, and Carmen Blair who organized the poinsettias.  It took all of you to make such a lovely worship experience.

On that note, I have a suggestion for a New Year’s Resolution:  Become more involved in Holy Trinity!  Here are some ideas:

  • Be a worship helper (as listed in the above paragraph) – it’s easy, and you’re there anyway! (see Mike Di Paola for ushering, Carmen for everything else)
  • Join Choir, Praise Band, or Instrumental Group – use those God-given musical talents! (see me or Terri)
  • Help beautify the grounds – mow, prune, leaf-blow, weed, repair – it’s all done by currently over-worked volunteers! (see John Williams or Dave Barron)
  • Come to Game Night, Movie Night, Daytimers, Parenting Forum or organize your own event.  Meet your fellow fun-loving Lutherans!
  • Sign up to bring flowers for the church – beautify that sanctuary! (sign-up is in the narthex hallway)
  • Come to Tuesday Bible Study or Adult Forum – explore your faith!
  • Run for Church Council – help direct HTLC’s future!

These things, and many more, are all done by volunteers – and they could use your help.  All of us together are the church, and all of us together can make a difference!  OK, guilt trip’s over, everybody off.

Have a continuing Merry Christmas and a ridiculously wonderful New Year!

See you in church!

Keith Hillesland

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