This Week at Holy Trinity, February 10, 2017

Hi, Everyone:

This Sunday, February 12th, is the 6th Sunday after Epiphany, and Scrip Sunday.  There is also an Executive Committee Meeting after the second service at 12:15pm.

Last week’s Souper Bowl of Caring was a success.  We raised $600 for local food charities.  Great job, everybody, and thanks to the youth for their kettle-holding abilities!

Next Sunday, Feb 19th, there will be a Spaghetti Feed Meeting at 12:15pm to plan all the exciting stuff that goes along with this event that puts the fun in fundraising.  The Spaghetti Feed will take place on March 18th, so it’s coming up pretty quickly.  Bring your best ideas to the meeting, and start creating those raffle baskets!

Not much going on this week church-wise, but here is some news about a couple of our stalwart members:

Cheryl Cox-Hall’s living situation is changing once again, and she is in need of a room to rent as soon as possible.  If you or someone you know has a room available, please let her know at (408) 206-4843 or

Donna Lee is staying at her son’s while she recovers from her heart surgery. You can send your well-wishes to the following address:  6739 Yellowstone Circle, Discovery Bay, CA 94505.

Don’t forget about all the great stuff available in the Narthex (church-speak for foyer):  sign-ups for the Day at the Ballpark tickets, your individual 2016 Giving Statements, HTLC’s 2016 Financial Summary, the February Calendar, the ELCA Bishop’s Message, RIC FAQs, the usual Lutheran publications, and the newly-updated Member Directory.  If I made any mistakes in the Directory, please move to that address or change your name so I don’t have to fix it (just kidding – please let me know).

Lastly, I’d like to make a personal appeal for flower sign-ups for the chancel (church-speak for the area surrounding the altar).  The new chart has been up in the hallway in the back of the church since January, and is still wide open.  One of Richard’s orchids happened to be blooming and has been there for a few weeks (I’ve been defaulting to “given to the glory of God” in the insert), but a few weeks more and the orchid won’t be looking so “glorious.”  So if you’d like to bring flowers for the chancel, please print your name and the occasion next to the date (or no occasion if you want them to be “to the glory of God”) and place the flowers before the first service.  Thanks in advance!

See you in church!

Keith Hillesland

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