This Week at Holy Trinity, January 13, 2017

Hi, Everyone:

This Sunday, January 15th, is the second Sunday after Epiphany and Luther Loose Change Sunday.  This Sunday we get to hear the gospel according to John: John Williams, that is. He is delivering the Message this Sunday.  Pastor Tim is away for a couple of weeks for continuing education (We’ll see just how much smarter he is when he gets back.  If he has a great tan, I’ll be suspicious!).  Carmen Blair will be taking over Children’s Time duties and delivering the Message next week.  Thank you Carmen and John for stepping in when needed!  There is also a Strategic Planning Meeting at 12:15pm for all you strategic types.

Speaking of stepping in when needed, I would like to get on my soapbox for a minute (and no, nobody asked me to do this).  This Sunday has quite a few holes as far as worship helpers.  There is no one signed up for acolytes, communion assistants, readers, or ushers for either service this Sunday.  I know it’s a holiday weekend and some people will be gone, but I’m sure Carmen doesn’t enjoy cornering people right before the service asking them to help, especially when she is Lay Liturgist like this Sunday.  And I’m sure Mike Billmann would appreciate enthusiastic responses when trolling for ushers.  Helping with the service is laughably easy and if you make a mistake, the congregation has to forgive you – Jesus says so!  Every week the bulletin lists our Ministers as “The People of Holy Trinity”, so let’s see everyone clamoring to help!  Okay, I’ll get off the soapbox now. (I felt so tall there for a minute…)

All are invited to the Daytimers’ Luncheon this Tuesday at 11:30am following Bible Study in the Activity Room. The Daytimers’ Luncheon occurs the third Tuesday of each month and is always delectable. This month’s theme is soup and salads. Be there or be famished!

Marielle’s Winter Relief Project (last month’s Cause of the Month) was a success!  She got 9 large bags of stuff, including:

  • About two dozen cards/notes of encouragement (Marielle’s classmates at school and Annelise helped.)
  • 25+ packs of underwear
  • 20 packs of socks
  • 10 tarps
  • Several hats, gloves, scarves
  • 10 flashlights
  • 4 bike locks

It’s worth noting that there are more than 200 pairs of underwear and socks in the bags they’ll be dropping off!  She is thankful to everyone for their support.  (and we’re so proud of her!)

We have a congregational subscription to the magazine “Living Lutheran” (formerly known as “The Lutheran”).  We rely on donations to help defray the cost of this worthwhile publication.  Please consider donating by labelling the check or envelope “for Living Lutheran”.

See you in church!

Keith Hillesland

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