This Week at Holy Trinity, July 28, 2017

Hi, Everyone:

This Sunday, July 30th, is the 8th Sunday after Pentecost and Sundae Sunday.  Stay after church and indulge in ice cream and toppings!  Also, since it’s the fifth Sunday of the month, it’s Stewardship Sunday.  Now, lately we’ve been getting to hear the fascinating Faith Stories of some of our members on fifth Sundays.  This Sunday, because of the upcoming congregational vote on the Welcome Statement, the Reconciling In Christ Committee was asked to give some of their perspectives on the RIC process, and what it has meant to them.  I’ll be speaking along with Collin Thormoto and Cheryl Hall (I’ll be the one with the deer-in-the-headlights look).

Speaking of the Welcome Statement, This is your official 30 day notice that a special Congregational Meeting is set for August 27th following the service.  We will be voting on the proposed Welcome Statement. Please attend and vote; no absentee or proxy votes are allowed by our constitution.

Speaking again of the Welcome Statement, we need your suggestions for improvements on the current draft of the Welcome Statement by filling out a Welcome Statement Feedback Form.  You may use the lilac-colored sheets available at the media table and place them in the basket, or go online at Both forms include the text of the draft. Let us know any suggestions for improvement by August 6th.  There.  RIC stuff is done.  Moving on…

Tonight, July 28th, is Movie Night!  The movie will be the modern classic “Lego Batman.”  Start gathering around 6:30 pm in the Activity Room, bring your favorite munchies, sit back (as much as you can on folding chairs) and enjoy the show!

The end of summer break is fast approaching and Sunday School is just a month away!  If you are interested in helping as a teacher or volunteer this year, please let Marta Wicke know.  Sunday School is a great way to share our faith and harness some of the energy in our youth (and adults).

See you in church!

Keith Hillesland

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