This Week at Holy Trinity, May 05, 2017

Hi, Everyone:

This Sunday, May 7th, is the 4th Sunday of Easter and Nacho Name Tag Sunday. It’s also Stewardship Sunday, which was postponed from last week.  As usual, there will be Faith Stories from two of our members instead of a sermon.  (Pastor Tim should be back from the Synod Assembly by then, but he  still gets out of doing a sermon and Children’s Time!)  At first, only Dean Sieglaff was slated to speak, but Susie Faries stepped in at the last moment and saved us from having Marta Wicke fill the time with a Stewardship Spiel.  Yay, Susie!  (Sorry, Marta, I’m sure it would have been just as fascinating!).  This Sunday is also the Last Day of Sunday School.  The kids will be performing a couple of songs at both services, and we will be thanking all those who help with Sunday School week after week.  It should be a great Sunday.  Don’t miss it!

Game Night is tonight (Friday, the 5th), at 6:30 pm in the Activity Room.  There is always a variety of food and games available, but feel free to bring your own just to make sure you have something you like to eat and a game you know you can win!

The May Cause of the Month is us!  Like many vintage 1961 establishments, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church needs to stay on top of maintenance to prevent extensive, costly damage (I’m vintage 1963 and I already have extensive, costly damage). Among them: painting, equipment repair, fence mending, blind repair, and miscellaneous patches through-out our campus.  Please donate toward the Catch the Excitement / Facility Improvements Fund in addition to your usual giving.

Next Sunday (May 14th) there will be a Mother’s Day Brunch between services at about 10 am.  While I’m sure all the mom-types will enjoy the brunch, this does not let you off the hook for getting them flowers or making that ceramic mug!

Sunday May 21st begins our Single Service Summer Schedule.  The single 10 am service will be followed by the Annual Congregational Meeting.  Really, it’s more fun than it sounds (except for that awkward silence while we wait for someone to volunteer for the Nominating Committee).  Come and eat, be counted, vote, plan our future, second motions, listen to John Williams ask important questions the rest of us don’t even think of, and argue about discuss the proposed budget.

Speaking of the Proposed Budget, Terri (our intrepid Treasurer) will have copies available for review this Sunday at church.  Or you can have her send it to your email by emailing her at  That way, you can pore over it to your heart’s content, instead of waiting until the meeting and shuffling through the pages pretending to understand (like I do).

Don’t forget, the Yard Sale is coming up more quickly than you think (and I’m sure you are a very quick thinker).  It’s June 3rd from 8 am to 2 pm.  So start going through your unneeded treasures (clean and unbroken would be nice) so you can bring them to Holland Hall AFTER the Annual Meeting.

The first RIC Informational Cottage Meeting was a success!  If you missed it, we will be covering the same information at the next two meetings on June 4th and June 25th.  Sign up at the Media Table and find out what it’s all about!

See you in church!

Keith Hillesland

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