This Week at HTLC, July 29, 2016

Hi, everyone.

This Sunday is July 31st, 11th Sunday after Pentecost.  Worship Service will be at 10AM, 21st century traditional style.  It’s also the fifth Sunday of the month which means it’s Stewardship Sunday!  (aww-RIGHT!)  But if I can be serious for a moment (and I’m not sure if I can), this Sunday is important because it gets us thinking about possibilities:  not just what we need to do, but what we could do if we all share our talents (and I’m not just talking about the Biblical 5,000-sheckel money-type talents).  Sermon Blast over, now back to email Blast.

Next Friday (Aug. 5th) will be Game Night at 6:30 in the Activity Room. We always have tons o’ fun and tons o’ food, just wish we had tons o’ people as well!  So come, bring a dish if you wish, a game if you’re game, and a friend if you, um…, intend.  (Where did I put that rhyming dictionary?)

Lu-Wow!  The initial bad-joke title has apparently become the official name.  Live with it.  Anyway, just a reminder that it’s coming up on Aug 21st, so start looking for those tacky tiki trinkets.  (found my alliteration dictionary)

September 11th will be Rally Day:  the day Sunday School starts up again and we go back to two services.  It also coincides with the ELCA’s “God’s Work Our Hands” Sunday.  You are encouraged to wear those blatant yellow T-shirts we got for the event a couple of years ago.  If you don’t have one, and you feel it’s just what your wardrobe needs, we will be taking orders for them this Sunday only!  The price is estimated to be only about $7.50 each, so you can be blatant and cheap!  (I know I am!)

Aug. 5th – 6:30PM Game Night
Aug 21st – 11:00AM Luau

– Keith

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