HTLC News, August 16, 2019

Hi, Everyone:

This Sunday, August 18th is the 10th Sunday after Pentecost and Fill the Food Barrel Sunday.  I think that’s about it for this Sunday… oh, wait – LuWow!  Yes, it’s finally here this Sunday, so be sure to wear your most joyous Hawaiian-style clothing (I hope we can hear the piano over all the loud prints!).  After the service, there will be lots of entertainment, fun, food and drinks.  Speaking of drinks, we have cool new Holy Trinity glassware for your collection with Christian-themed tribal art on them (trust me – they are truly cool).  They ended up being a little more expensive to produce than previous glassware, so we are asking for a donation of $9 per glass ($10 if you want it filled).  That’s kind of the way it works at this event.  There’s no entrance fee or tickets, but you are asked to help defray the cost with a free-will offering for the food and suggested donations of $5 for drinks and $1 for sodas.  “But,” you say, “I don’t want to write a bunch of $5 checks!” (you lush!)  Then you will be glad to know we will be accepting credit/debit cards and the give+ phone app (look for luau) as well as cash and checks.  So many ways to give!

Next Sunday, August 25th, there will be an Education Meeting after the worship service for all 2019/20 teachers.  Time to get prepared, because just two weeks later it’s…

Rally/Ministry Fair/Blessing of Backpacks/God’s Work Our Hands Day!  On September 8th we have a lot to celebrate.  As usual on Rally Day we return to our two-service schedule of 8:45 am and 11 am with Sunday School between services at 10 am.  During both worship services we will have the Blessing of Backpacks and Briefcases, so remember to bring yours as well as your kids’ school/work-related accessories. It’s also God’s Work Our Hands weekend, so wear your GWOH shirts if you have them. At the Ministry Fair between the services, there will be booths to celebrate groups and ministries that everyone can be involved with. If you would like to host a booth, please notify Marta Wicke or Cheryl Hall. Booths are encouraged to have information about the ministry and ways members can get involved. There also may be activities or snacks at each booth. We believe this is a great way to bring our Community of Faith together. There is a place for everyone to serve Holy Trinity Lutheran Church doing God’s Work with Our Hands. Each person in this family of faith has 2 hands; think of how much we could accomplish with everyone working together!

But the day before all that happens, on Saturday September 7th, we will be having a Church Work Day (I’m still working on a new name for it – Church Enhancement Day? Church Zhuzh-Up? Parish Primp? [watch how you say that last one]).  Starting at 9 am, there will be plenty for all abilities to do to get our church ready for the fall season.  Come when you can, wear your work clothes, and bring any cleaning implements you feel we might need.  Any questions, ask John Williams (“John, what does zhuzh mean?”).

See you in church!  Aloha!


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