HTLC News Email, April 05, 2019

Hi, Everyone: 

This Sunday, April 7th, is the 5th Sunday of Lent and Nacho Name Tag Sunday (sounds good on a rainy day like today).  It’s also our last Sunday of normalcy (a word not coined by Warren G. Harding, according to the infallible internet – once again bursting my trivia knowledge bubble!) before all sorts of stuff starts to happen the following weekend.

Our last half-hour meditative Midweek Lenten Service this coming Wednesday, April 10th at 6:30 pm.  This time we have Judith, the Servant Girl at Caiaphas’ as part of the “Voices of Lent” theme.  Don’t miss this final moment of serenity!

Next Saturday, April 13th, we will be having a Church Clean-up Day.  Festivities begin at 9 am with coffee and donuts available for that sugar-and-caffeine-induced energy rush that will make the work go that much faster.  This is when some oft-neglected parts of the church get spruced up before Holy Week, so let’s all get together to fool the Christmas-and Easter-only folks into thinking that this place looks perfect all the time!

The following Sunday, April 14th, will be Palm Sunday – the beginning of Holy Week leading up to Easter.  As usual, there will be a procession of palms at the 8:45 am service (a very short procession if the weather is like today’s).  Our annual Seder Meal will be that evening at 5 pm.  Please sign up at the Media Table so that food amounts can be estimated.  You are encouraged to donate $15 for adults and $10 for kids to defray costs, but sign up and come regardless of availability of funds because it’s a fascinating and delicious reason to get together!

You can also sign up at the Media Table to bring plants for the Easter Garden.  Remember, print legibly so I can get the name of the person you’re honoring correct (I’m sure she’d be upset if we honored Katharina von Boring!).  All kinds and colors of plants are welcome.  Just bring them to the Activity Room by 10 am Saturday, April 20th, and mark them with your name so you can retrieve them after the second service on Easter.

Yet another sign-up sheet at the Media Table is for the 5:45 pm Soup Supper which precedes the joint local ELCA churches’ Maundy Thursday Service held at Christ the King Lutheran Church at 7 pm, April 18th.  Observe the occasion of the Last Supper by eating soup, meeting your fellow Lutherans, and getting your feet washed (optional).

Think that’s the last possible thing to sign up for?  Oh, you’re so wrong!  You can also sign up for HTLC’s third annual Day at the Ballpark! Join your fellow baseball fans (or tailgate fans) for a game on Aug. 3 – Oakland A’s vs. St. Louis Cardinals. Our special group-rate tickets are $30 each. Sign up at the Media Table or find Kathy Miedema ( to reserve your ticket. Payment is due by June 1, but you can reserve your tickets now.

Giving Tree

Stewardship Spotlight:  This week the Stewardship Giving Tree spotlight is on Sally Bentley.  She is a versatile contributor at HTLC as she sings in the choir, assists with communion, and helps mow our expansive field.  Sally also contributes to the greater community by volunteering at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley where she helps socialize kittens.  Many thanks, Sally, for all that you do to make HTLC look and sound great!

The colorful Busy Bags in the narthex have been refreshed by Cheryl Hall with new items for Easter!  Use them to occupy fidgety children during services.  You fidgety adults can continue to use your smart phones (I’m assuming you’re following Jesus on Twitter).

Don’t miss Sunday School on April 28, when animals from Sloppy Seconds Inc., an animal sanctuary in Hayward (and our cause last month), are coming for a visit!  We will meet the animals, then make enrichment projects for them.  In May, we will visit and help with some projects.  Stay tuned for more info on the second visit!

Next week I’ll tell you all about our Good Friday service (April 19, 7 pm) and Easter services (April 21, 8:45 am & 11 am with breakfast and egg hunt between).  You’ve read enough for today, and my two typing fingers are tired.

See you in church!


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