HTLC News Email, April 06, 2018

Hi, Everyone:

Tired from too much Easter?  I hope not, because the season of Easter lasts seven weeks!  (probably longer than that Easter Garden plant will last)  This Sunday is the 2nd Sunday of Easter.  There is a Council Meeting at 12:15 am in the Activity Room.  By the way, weren’t the Easter Garden and Flower Cross fabulous?  Thanks to Carmen, Meg, and all of their little helpers who scrambled on Saturday to make it happen.  And also thanks all to those who contributed plants – a 56.25% increase over last year’s Easter Garden sign-ups – great job!  (yes, I did the math – I was curious after I had to squeeze all those names into the bulletin!)

Tonight (Friday the 6th) is Game Night!  Join us in the Activity Room at about 6:30 for food and fun.  Feel free to bring any games or food that you like, or you can just bring yourself.  You can even bring your leftover Easter candy – I won’t mind (as long as it’s chocolate).

Tuesday Bible Study is back this week at 10 am in the Activity Room.  Vacation’s over!  Seriously, you should come if you can – there’s an awful lot of laughter wafting over to the office from there on Tuesdays.

The Spaghetti Feed is only a week away!  Time for a concerted effort to get the word out – invite everybody and distribute flyers everywhere.  Briana could use more donations of gift baskets gift cards, and prizes for the raffles and silent auction.  Everyone can help, even if it’s just to buy tickets and show up!  Remember, it’s not only a fundraiser for HTLC and Reneal, but also a fun community event for all to enjoy!  It’s on Saturday, April 14th from 4 pm to 8 pm.  Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for kids.  Pick up flyers at the Media Table.

Speaking of fun events, be sure to sign up at the Media Table for Holy Trinity’s Day at the Ballpark on August 4th.  There will be tailgating, fireworks, and even a game between the A’s and the Tigers (almost forgot about that last part).  Details are on the sign-up clipboard on the Media Table, or ask Kathy Miedema at

See you in church!


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