HTLC News Email, April 19, 2019

Hi, Everyone, and a somber Good Friday to you all (somehow “Happy Good Friday didn’t sound right):

Our Good Friday Service is tonight (the 19th) at 7 pm.  Carmen will be playing Mary as she sees her son’s journey from trial to tomb, revealing her thoughts at each of the Stations of the Cross.  It’s a very somber, moving service which will make Easter seem that much more joyful by contrast.  At this service, we gather and leave in silence – please keep the wailing and gnashing of teeth to a minimum (at least until you get to your car).

Remember, those of you who signed up to bring plants for the Easter Garden please have them here by 10 am Saturday (that’s tomorrow morning – get shopping!).  Even if you didn’t sign up, you can still contribute plants.  You just won’t have your name or dedication in the bulletin – but you’re selfless like that.  Pairs of plants are appreciated for symmetry’s sake, but not required, and all sizes, colors, and varieties of plants are appreciated.  You’ll be able to pick up your plant after the second service on Sunday.  Be sure to put your name on one of the craft sticks and stick it in your plant’s soil.  Otherwise, someone else might mistake your plant for theirs and it’ll begonia.

This Sunday, April 21st, is, of course, Easter SundayWorship services are at the usual times (8:45 am and 11 am) in the usual styles (21st Century Traditional and Service of Living Praise, respectively) with extra oomph befitting the occasion – including a procession at the first service and the baptisms of Annelise and Marielle Miedema at the second service.  Easter Breakfast will be served between the services at 10 am, thanks to the youth and other helpers.  Then the little ones can gather on the patio at 10:30 am for an Easter Egg Hunt.  There will be no Sunday School or Adult Forum while we are all eating and hunting.  It’s also Fill the Food Barrel Sunday.  Please bring non-perishable items – the food bank frowns upon leftover pancakes, sausages and eggs.

By the way, the church office will be closed the next day on Monday, April 22nd, while I get my bearings (I think I burned out a few this week).  There will also be no Tuesday Bible Study this week.

Animals are coming to Sunday School next week!  No, I’m not talking about your kids hopped up (so to speak) on Easter candy, I’m talking about animals from Sloppy Seconds animal shelter (don’t Google it without your filter on!).  The kids will meet the cuddly creatures and will be making projects for them, for which they’ll need toilet paper tubes, paper towel tubes, boxes of all sizes, and egg cartons – start stockpiling!  More information is available at the Media Table.

Stewardship Spotlight:  It is with great appreciation and thanks that the Stewardship Spotlight showcases Bernie and Muriel Teague on Easter Sunday.  They have been members of Holy Trinity since it began over 50 years ago and have supported HTLC with an extraordinary amount of gifts during this time.  The number of chairs & tables folded in Holland Hall or the amount of Hot Dishes prepared for a potluck is staggering (mmm –cheesy potato casserole!).  Most importantly, they helped shape what HTLC has become with contributions to WELCA, Weekday Bible Study Group, Church Council, Choir, ushering, sorting/pricing for the church Yard Sale, and various other committees.  Thank you for everything that you have done! 

See you in church!


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