HTLC News Email, April 27, 2018

Hi, Everyone:

This Sunday, April 29th, is the 5th Sunday of Easter and the 5th Sunday of the month (Stewardship Sunday, in case you feel like doing something stewardship-y).  Last week Jesus was the Good Shepherd.  This week he’s The Vine. What will Jesus be next – a cornerstone, a lamb, a gate?  Stay tuned!  There will be a Council Meeting after the second service at 12:15 pm.  This is actually May’s meeting moved up a couple of weeks due to conflicts with Mother’s Day Brunch and a Helping Hands project (more about these later).

Tonight, Friday the 27th is Family Movie Night!  Popcorn starts around 6:30 pm, movie around 7 pm in the Activity Room.  Which movie?  You’ll have to show up to find out, but it’s bound to be a crowd-pleaser.  You provide the crowd (and food if you like).

Take a look at our Peace Garden!  Last week, Girl Scout Troop 31602 worked hard to make it beautiful.  15 Daisies, Seniors, and Leaders selected hearty plants for this area and put together a plan for a makeover of the HTLC Peace Garden as their Earth Day project. They dug holes and used 10 bags of compost, worms, and worm castings to enrich and loosen the soil. They carefully planted over thirty succulents, shrubs, and flowers along with their home-grown seedlings. They released ladybugs as beneficial insects to take care of the unwanted ones, and finished the project with signature painted rocks and a Welcome flag. The project was way beyond what was anticipated and provides the perfect place to meditate on the beauty of nature. A custom-painted watering can is being presented to HTLC on Sunday, April 29th.  Thanks, gals!

Next Sunday, May 6th, is the last day of Sunday School (teachers – that was a sigh of disappointment I heard, right?).  The Sunday School kids will be painting more rocks for the Peace Garden – and you can too!  We’ll have a table up so you can paint a rock with words or a picture meant to provide comfort, cheer, solace, introspection, or it could be done in memory of someone. Anything that seems appropriate for a church “meditation garden.”

The Sunday School Helping Hands kids will also be planting flowers on that Sunday for memory care residents at Fremont Hills Assisted Living home on Mission Boulevard on May 6, at 1:30 p.m.  If you’d like to come along, please talk to Marta Wicke or Kathy Miedema.  Is it my imagination, or are the kids doing more for the community than the adults?  (I know, it’s not a competition – but you’re losing!)

Mother’s Day is coming up on May 13th, and we will be honoring all you motherly types with a Mother’s Day Brunch following the single service at 10 am.  Yes, our summer schedule is kicking in early this year, so starting May 13th we will be having one 10 am worship service on Sundays until Rally Day in September.

Meg’s friend Mary Law has made angel earrings and donated them to the church for fundraising. They will be available in the Activity Room for a free will donation to benefit the Sunday School kids’ Helping Hands projects. Thanks, Mary!

The ELCA Day of Service is coming up on September 9th and we will be ordering “God’s Work Our Hands” T-shirts with Holy Trinity Lutheran Church on the back. The shirts are $8 each and come in many sizes, but only one color: very yellow. Order your shirts at the Media Table. Cheryl Hall will be collecting the money.

See you in church!


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