HTLC News Email, August 09, 2019

Hi, Everyone:

This Sunday, August 11th is the 9th Sunday after Pentecost and Scrip Sunday.  There will be a Worship Committee Meeting after the service at about 11:15 am, where we’ll be planning worship services through Christmas and beyond (even retail stores aren’t thinking about Epiphany merchandise at this point!).  Got ideas or something we should know about?  Drop on by.  We’ll probably be meeting until oh, let’s see… midnight.

Next Sunday, all heck breaks loose (it is church, after all) with our annual Lu-Wow!  Hawaiianish food, music, and hula dancers will be following the 10 am worship service (yes, there’s still a worship service).  Please sign up at the Media Table if you plan to attend the Lu-Wow so the Hospitality Committee can plan food amounts.  (just a moment while I switch to my Choir Director’s hat…)  Along with the Lu-Wow we also will be celebrating my 28 years as Choir Director.  Why the 28th year?  Because nobody knew how many years it was (including me) until I actually did the math!  Come by and watch as my face turns pink from the slightest bit of attention.  I hope I don’t have to make a speech, because POI oh POI, am I TARO-fied of public speaking!  (…now I’m putting my Parish Life Coordinator hat back on. [You should see it – it’s fabulous!])

After the Lu-Wow, you have a couple of weeks to recover so you will be all energetic for the Church Work Day on Saturday, September 7 (we’ve got to change that name – it sounds too much like work).  This is when we get the church all cleaned up and ready for the fall season.  It also coincides with God’s Work Our Hands weekend, so wear those school-bus-yellow t-shirts if you got ‘em!  Really, the camaraderie and productivity (and donuts – right, John?) make for a satisfying day.  Come when you can, but the festivities start at 9 am.  Any questions, ask Jon Williams (e.g. “John, is it okay if I bring pizza?”).

The next day, Sunday September 8, is Rally Day.  We will be returning to our two-service schedule of 8:45 am and 11 am worship services.  There will be a Ministry Fair with various tables where you can find out the many ways you can become more involved in your church and community.  Sunday School and Adult Forum will start up again between services (I’m not sure how they will be affected by the Ministry Fair – I’ll get back to you on that).  It’s still God’s Work Our Hands weekend, so wear that yellow shirt from the day before (be sure to wash it, unless you want more room around you in your pew [gives the word “pew” a whole other dimension!]).

Don’t forget to sign up at the Media Table if you would like to be a part of the Prayer Chain.  Prayer Chain people are notified by email (or phone if you don’t have email), of people who are in need of prayer, and pray for them.  It’s as easy as falling off a log! (except you pray instead of curse)  Even if you are already a part of this important ministry, please sign up so Donna and Briana have up-to-date information all in one place.

See you in church!


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