HTLC News Email. August 24, 2018

Hi, Everyone:

This Sunday, August 26th, is the 14th Sunday after Pentecost and Lutheran Loose Change Sunday (more about this later).  There will be a Sunday School  Meeting after worship (at about 11:15 am) for anyone who’d like to help with Sunday School, or please see Cheryl Hall or Marta Wicke – I’m sure they will be very grateful (i.e. relieved) for any and all help.

Now, about Lutheran Loose Change:  the money from your loose change will go toward a new audio-visual system for the church, so if you’d like to get rid of those unsightly, trip-hazard-y cords and mismatched area rugs in the sanctuary, and be able to see and hear everything that goes on during the service (maybe even the choir’s under-the-breath comments about the sermon!), be sure to search your pockets, wallets, purses, sofa cushions or anywhere else change might be lurking (Hey! Leave the kids’ piggy banks alone!), and dump them in the Lutheran Loose Change jar in the narthex.  I have high hopes, since last week the Food Barrel went from empty to overflowing after Carmen made her Children’s Time appeal.  Great job, everyone!

Speaking of last week, thank you to all those who planned, organized, cooked, decorated, set up, cleaned up, or otherwise helped with last week’s Ordainiversary/Lu-wow.  It was a great success and everyone had a great time (I think we sufficiently embarrassed Pastor Tim!).  Look for PT’s personal thank you in this week’s bulletin insert.  A memory book for Pastor Tim is being put together.  If you didn’t get a chance to write a memory/good wish for PT at the Lu-Wow, you’ll have another chance this Sunday.  If you have any particularly pertinent photos, you can email them to me at, or bring hard copies on Sunday to be scanned.

Tonight (Friday the 24th) is Family Movie Night.  I hear the movie is going to be Spielberg’s “Ready Player One,” so come to the Activity Room tonight at 7 pm for a potluck, popcorn, and pop-culture-reference party!

Thank you to all who have donated to our August Cause of the Month:  Abode School Supplies. We collected 7-8 large boxes of school supplies for students in Abode Services. Girl Scouts also collected supplies and together with our Helping Hands kids spent a day at Abode putting together backpacks for the kids. Helping Hands, Marielle’s special cause, donated $100 for supplies. You all should be proud!

Our two-service schedule and Sunday School will start up again on Rally Day in just two weeks on September 9thAdult Forum will begin the following week on September 16th, and Tuesday Bible Study will return at 10 am on September18th with a Daytimers’ Luncheon following at 11:30 am (finally, my monthly free lunch returns – I’ve been starving all summer!).

And the prize for the longest run-on sentence in a news email goes to… paragraph 2!  (Thank you, I try to break as many grammatical rules as I can.)

See you in church!


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