HTLC News Email, December 14, 2018

Hi, Everyone:

This Sunday,December 16th, is the 3rd Sunday of Advent and Fill the Food Barrel SundayBryan’s BBQ Brunch will be between the services as Bryan MacFarlane’s thank you to Holy Trinity and as a replacement to the usual An-Tea Party (the supposedly more macho antidote to the foo-foo-ness of the Angel Tea).  Any donations will still go to Adopt an Angel for gifts for foster kids.  Thanks, Bryan!  This Sunday is also the last Sunday for poinsettia sign-ups.  On Christmas Eve, poinsettias will decorate the church. You can sign up to bring a poinsettia of any color (we’re inclusive!).  The plant can be given in memory or honor of someone special to you and your family.  The names will appear in the bulletin on Christmas Eve.  Please deliver the plants to church by 10 am on December 24th.

Got any great ideas for Helping Hands Projects? There’s a place to leave your ideas for projects that the Helping Hands kids can work on together. Check out the bulletin board in the hallway where Marielle has provided a place for you to put your ideas. You can also come to talk to her or email her mom, Kathy, at

Next Sunday, December 23rd, we will have the choir’s Sermon-in-Song during both services.  Pastor Tim gets out of doing a Message while the choir sings a short program of Christmas pieces (however, the Choir Director is not, I repeat, not doing the Children’s Time – sorry, PT!). 

The very next day is Christmas Eve (yes, it’s that close – you may now legitimately panic). Our services will be at 5 pm and 9 pm, packed full of the warm,fuzzy, candlelightedness the evening so deserves.  For those of us going to both services (and anyone else who wants to), Randy and Vicky Kuhlmann will be offering sustenance between the services by hosting the 17th annual Inter-Service Nosh at their home (my term for it – don’t blame them!).  This year’s theme is Meatloaf, Tomato Soup,and Toasted Cheese Sandwiches – comfort food to make us all extra sleepy for that late service!

Sunday,December 30th, will be our single 10 am Carol Service.  If your favorite Christmas carol wasn’t sung on Christmas Eve, it’ll probably show up here (I’m talking sacred carols, not secular – sorry, no “Jingle Bells,” and definitelyno “Baby, It’s Cold Outside!”).

Remember, pretty much everything else is cancelled for the rest of the year.  Things go back to normal on Epiphany, January 6th.  So if you show up with a casserole for Tuesday Bible Study, Pastor Tim and I will be the only ones around to eat it (how sad!).

See you in church!


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