HTLC News Email, February 01, 2019

Hi, Everyone:

This Sunday, February 3rd, is the 5th Sunday of Epiphany and Nacho Name Tag Sunday.  It’s also our 14th year participating in the Souper Bowl of Caring – a nation-wide youth event during the weekend of the Super Bowl to help local charities tackle hunger.  Our youth will be collecting money and non-perishable food for LOV Newark’s pantry, so remember to bring some!  Over the past 13 years we’ve collected $9,100 and 855 food items.  Wear your favorite sports team outfit (it doesn’t have to be football – your favorite badminton team will do).  And be sure to stay later or come early for the Soup Potluck between the services.  There will be no Adult Forum or Sunday School this week (potluck days are like snow days!).

Next Sunday we will be having a single service at 10 am followed by our Annual Congregational Meeting.  Please stay, sign in (we need a quorum), eat (I’m assuming there’ll be food – there’s always food!), vote (you can’t complain if you don’t vote!), and watch as our Giving Tree is unveiled (have you turned in your Stewardship form yet?).  It’s your opportunity to have a say in what happens at Holy Trinity and a great way to review what we’ve done this past year.  Of course, this also means reports for the Annual Report are due!  If I receive them after Monday, they’d better come with lots of chocolate!

The Giving Tree

The Stewardship 2019 drive is up and running. We’ve received numerous forms already, so the Giving Tree in the narthex should be at a beautiful early spring bloom for the annual meeting. Of course, we want to have that tree covered with leaves as we move into Lent, so be sure to pick up a form from the table next to the tree in the narthex. Are you not sure about what to list for ways you help in your community and at the church, or something you may be willing to do to help?  Here are some examples of the things people are doing: singing carols as part of Family Advent Night, teaching Sunday School, ushering, coaching softball, making jam, and acolyting (some apparently reluctantly – which Erik can sympathize with from his childhood). There is also space to brainstorm new ideas for the church! Turn your forms in to the offering plate, Erik Holland’s box near the office, or to Erik himself.

There will be an initial Spaghetti Feed Meeting on Sunday, February 17th at 12:15 pm. All who are interested in helping out with our annual FUNdraising event (and we’ll need all the help we can get) please come.  I’m sure there’ll be lots of brainstorming, so you’d better come, or your ideas will be mist (get it? – brainstorm, mist/missed?  Oh well, they can’t all be gems!).

See you in church!


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