HTLC News Email, January 04, 2019

Happy New Year, Everyone! (and Merry Christmas – it’s only the 11th day of Christmas today, so you can still drive your family and coworkers nuts by playing Christmas music through tomorrow!)

This Sunday, January 6th, is Epiphany Sunday.  Epiphany is the season when Christ is revealed through all sorts of signs and miracles.  He’s revealed to the wise men by the star this Sunday.  How will Jesus be revealed next Sunday, I hear you ask?  Stay tuned!  Everything goes back to its normal schedule this Sunday:  8:45 am and 11:00 am worship services, Sunday School at 10 am, and Adult Forum at 10:15 am (I guess the adults take a little longer to get to class than the kids – gotta get that coffee first!)  It’s also the first Nacho Name Tag Sunday of the year, and for all you worship-planning types there will be a Worship Committee Meeting at 12:15 pm after the second service.

Tuesday Bible Study starts up again this coming week at 10 am in the Activity Room (Which day, I hear you ask? On Tuesday, of course – it’s right there in the name!).  They seem to have an awful lot of fun for a Bible Study group, judging from the laughter wafting into the office from there.  I suggest you join them, find out what’s going on, and report back to me.  Oh, and on the third Tuesdays of the month they have a potluck afterward.  I think their motto must be “Eat, Pray, Laugh.”

The following paragraph contains the views of the Parish Life Coordinator (Church Secretary [me]) and are not necessarily the views of HTLC (although they should be, dagnabit!):

Here’s a New Year’s resolution for you all (because I know you’ve already broken that diet resolution):  become more involved in the church!  How do I do that, I hear you ask? (my, but you’re full of questions today!)  Well, you could join a music group as I mentioned last week, go to Bible Study or Adult Forum, become a worship assistant (it’s easy – Carmen will show you how!), help around the campus by mowing, weeding, leaf blowing, etc. (just ask Kate Mills or John Williams what needs to be done), or help out with events like the Spaghetti Feed, Yard Sale, or Oktoberfest (or at least come to them!).  If none of that appeals to you, start another group that aligns with your interests!  We have a great core group of people that do a lot around here, but they can get tired.  Give ‘em a break and let’s see a few new faces giving their time to the church!  Okay, annual lecture’s over.  Thanks for listening.  We now return you to the regularly scheduled nonsense.

Consider this your official notice (or warning): the Annual Congregational Meeting is coming February 10th at 11:15 am after the single worship service at 10 am.  What goes on at the Annual Meeting, I hear you ask?  (maybe that’s not you – it’s hard to hear over those eleven pipers piping [wish they’d pipe down!])  You’ll hear what’s happened over the past year, help plan HTLC’s future, vote on Council Members, wait in uncomfortable silence for someone to volunteer to be on the Nominating Committee, listen to John Williams ask important questions the rest of us don’t think of, and eat.  Don’t miss it! (we need a quorum)

See you in church!


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