HTLC News Email, July 19, 2019

Hi, Everyone:

Yes, I’m back (was that a collective groan I heard?).  Thanks to all who pitched in to clean the campus and to keep things going while Richard and I were away. 

Unfortunately, since I left on vacation three weeks ago, there have been two deaths related to our congregation which I have not been able to note in this email blast:

Beloved member Chuck Pickering passed away while in hospice.  A date for a memorial at HTLC is yet to be determined.  Please show your love and support to his wife Sharon at this difficult time. 

Many of us will remember long-time former member Pat Neu who passed away recently.  Cards may be mailed to the Neu family c/o Doug Neu at 1443 Ninth St. Alameda, CA 94501.  In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the San Joaquin Historical Society and Museum at 11793 Micke Grove Rd. Lodi, CA 95240. 

I’m sorry for the lateness of these notices.  Pastor Tim claims he couldn’t follow my instructions for sending out emails to the whole congregation (including the recent one about our current budget shortfall).  I think he just doesn’t want to be the bearer of bad news.

This Sunday, July 21st, is the 6th Sunday after Pentecost and Fill the Food Barrel Sunday.  It is also the first of our Favorite Hymn Sundays.  From now through Labor Day we will be featuring hymns and songs suggested by the congregation.  This year, we had enough Christmas song requests to make a “Christmas in July” service this Sunday!  How far you want to take this theme is up to you – Santa hats, light-up necklaces, and Christmas cookies are all very well, but remember the current temperatures before choosing to don that ugly Christmas sweater.  As usual, the hymn requestors’ names are listed below the hymn titles in the bulletin, but unfortunately there won’t be any snowballs with which to pelt them.

Save August 18 on your calendars for our annual Lu-Wow!  We’ll be having the usual after-service shenanigans of Hawaiian-inspired decorations, attire, food, drinks, music, and dancing. So get out your loudest Hawaiian-print shirts, tune up your ukuleles, and get ready for a Hono-LU-LU of a good time!

Here’s your new word of the day: Smishing.  Smishing is defined as a security attack where someone is trying to trick you into giving them your private information via a text or SMS message (similar to phishing). The members of some churches have been targeted with texts claiming to be from their church or pastor requesting gift cards, money or personal financial information. Do not respond in any way to these types of messages, do not click on any links or call any numbers contained in them, or forward them. Instead, report suspected messages to your cell phone service or complain online to the FTC at and delete the message from your phone.  If you get a text of this nature purporting to be from Holy Trinity, please let us know (would I smish you?).

See you in church, and season’s greetings (hey, that works all year!).


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