HTLC News Email, July 20, 2018

Hi, Everyone:

This Sunday, July 22nd, is the 9th Sunday after Pentecost and Lutheran Loose Change Sunday. It’s also the last day to turn in your Hymn Request Forms for the upcoming Favorite Hymn Sundays.  Pick up a pink form at the Media Table, list one or two of your favorite hymns or Praise Band songs, put your name on it (this prevents anonymous hymn hogs), and place it in Carmen’s box by the end of the service.  Be different – pick some arcane hymn like “Come, Ye Disconsolate.”

Tonight (Friday the 20th) Family Movie Night comes a week early to coincide with Madeline Kuhlmann’s birthday.  In her honor, we will be showing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie, featuring some of her favorite characters (I bet there’ll be pizza!).  The fun starts at 7 pm in the Activity Room.  You can dress up as your favorite Ninja Turtle, but prepare to be mocked (Ha! – Mock Turtle!).

Since many of us travel and take vacations in August, we’re announcing the August Cause of the Month early:  school supplies for the schoolchildren of Abode Services in Fremont.  Abode Services provides housing and other services (including tutoring and counseling for low-income students) to more than 6,100 people each year across Alameda and other nearby counties.  These kids need the same supplies our kids need: pencils, markers and crayons, paper, binders, and notebooks.  A $50 donation buys them nearly everything they need to start the year.  We’ll collect supplies for them through mid-August to help them get ready for school, which starts before Labor Day, and we’ll collect monetary donations through the end of August.  Please visit for more on this organization.

For those of you who ordered tickets, remember that the HTLC Day at the Ball Park is coming up soon on August 4th.  If you’ve forgotten the details, please ask Kathy Miedema (

It’s only a month until Lu-Wow! / Pastor Tim’s 30 Years of Ministry.  Be prepared to celebrate both events on August 19th.  Time to find your grass skirts and coconut bras! (If you don’t have any today, buy them to-Maui!)

See you in church!


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