HTLC News Email, July 26, 2019

Hi, Everyone:

This Sunday, July 28th, is the 7th Sunday after Pentecost and Luther Loose Change Sunday.

The memorial services for Chuck Pickering will be at 1:00 pm on Wednesday July 31st at the Siminoff Chapel at the Masonic Home on 34400 Mission Blvd, Union City. All are invited. A reception will follow.

Briana and Donna would like to update their Prayer Chain participant information (did anyone else hear “Briana, Donna, bo-bonna, bonana-fanna fo-fonna…”? – I thought not, but now it’s in your head!).  Here’s how the Prayer Chain works:  when Donna and Briana receive a request for prayers, they pass the information along by email (or phone) to the members of the Prayer Chain, who pray for the individual or concern.  If you are already a part or would like to be part of this important ministry, please sign up on the clipboard at the Media Table with your current contact information.  (If you’ve never heard of “The Name Game,” click here and be forever irritated.  You’re welcome!)

Our annual Hawaiian-themed Lu-Wow is coming up in a little over three weeks on August 18 at about 11 am.  Besides the usual HULA-baloo, we also will be celebrating our Choir Director Keith Hillesland’s many years of faithful service (he said modestly).  There’ll be luau-ish food, décor, music, and even hula dancers!  Be sure to wear your tiki-tackiest togs! (I said I was faithful, not tasteful)

Rally Day will be on September 8, and this year it’s a doozy.  Not only will it be the usual re-boot of the two-service schedule, Sunday School, and Adult Forum, but it’s also God’s Work Our Hands day, plus there will be a Ministry Fair! More details will be coming in future emails and inserts.

See you in church!  (church, church, bo-burch, bonana-fanna fo-furch, fee fi mo-murch, church!)


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