HTLC News Email, June 07, 2019

Hi, Everyone:

This Sunday, June 09, is Pentecost Sunday.  Considered the birthday of the church, it’s when the Holy Spirit comes upon the apostles in a rush of wind and tongues of fire, and they can suddenly speak in different languages to the crowds.  The choir’s Sermon in Song begins in Swahili, so we’ll be speaking in tongues as well!  The prophet Joel also tells of blood, fire, smoky mist, the sun turning to darkness and the moon to blood, but we’ll just stick to our phony bowl of fire for imagery (no smoky mist!).  It’s also traditional to WEAR RED on this day, so don your ruby robes, vermillion vestments, crimson crinolines, carmine cummerbunds, and cherry chasubles.  If you don’t, it will be a cardinal sin!  It’s also Scrip Sunday, the last day to turn in your graduate recognition forms, and there will be a Council Meeting after the service – hopefully with no blood and fire and smoky mist (unless they are having a barbecue!).

Speaking of barbecues, all are invited to the Daytimers’ Barbecue on Tuesday, June 11, at 11:30 am.  This is their annual end-of-the-year potluck bash before Bible Study and Daytimers take a summer vacation.  Sneak out for an extra-long lunch to be there – God will forgive you (though your boss may not).

And still speaking of barbecues, next Sunday, June 16, we will be having our Father’s Day Barbecue after the worship service.  Hospitality is taking care of food, so there are no sign-ups – just concentrate on eating.  It’s more fun than the traditional cleaning-of-the-garage for Father’s Day (or was that just traditional with my father?).

Stewardship Spotlight: This week the Stewardship Spotlight would once again like to recognize one of the newer members in our community who has been a valuable community member, but is now also sharing her gifts with HTLC.  Besides always being in a great mood, Sharon Chu is keeping herself busy by participating in visits & performances at Senior Centers in Fremont, Union City, and San Leandro, and prepares lunches at Fremont Abode.  Additionally, she has given some personal time to those close to her with meal delivery and visits to those in need of a smile.  At HTLC she jumped into our holiday season by supporting our holiday giving causes that included the collected coats.  Well done, Sharon!

Hymn Request Forms will be available again this Sunday for the Favorite Hymn Sundays coming up later this summer. Now’s your chance to sing “Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed” (LBW 98)!

Just a little over two weeks (June 24 – June 28) until this year’s Vacation Bible School -“Roar! Life is wild-God is good,”  Registration forms are on the Media Table and downloadable online at our website ( or by clicking here.  Terri MacFarlane (, 510-402-9161) is looking for adult and youth volunteers to help herd the wild animals (bring your own whip and chair [I’m kidding – just the whip will do.{kidding again! (I just love nested parenthetical remarks.)}]). 

See you in church! (Wear red!)


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