HTLC News Email, March 29, 2019

Hi, Everyone: 

This Sunday, March 31st, is the 4th Sunday of Lent.  It’s the fifth Sunday of the month, so it’s supposed to be Stewardship Sunday, but I haven’t heard of any specific Stewardship plans, so it’s probably safe to come.

Palm Sunday is coming up soon, and with it our annual Seder Meal!  It will be on April 14th at 5 pm with the usual unusual foods all wrapped up in ritual and wine (I go ahead and take a swig for each plague instead of just drops of wine).  There is a sign-up sheet on the Media Table so Hospitality can plan food amounts.  Don’t miss it!

Another thing you can sign up for is the Easter Garden – the more plants and colors on Easter, the better!  As always, please print very legibly so I can get your name and whomever you’re honoring correct in the bulletin and on screen (I don’t know, maybe there is someone named Holly Trinity!).  Be sure to get your plants to the Activity Room by 10 am the Saturday before Easter so Carmen can work her usual magic.

Also available at the Media Table are the step-by-step instructions that were in last week’s email and insert for getting the Give+ app for your phone or tablet.  If you don’t carry cash or checks, this is a great way to give to Holy Trinity (if you do carry checks, an app is short for an application – a digital program you can download and install on your smart phone … never mind).

Stewardship Spotlight:  The Giving Tree is enjoying the spring and this week the Stewardship spotlight is on Ellen and Michael Di Paola!  The two of them are LEGENDS in Fremont for contributions to Youth Softball and Baseball.  Between the two of them they currently support the Fremont Girls Softball Association by serving on the board, each manage a team, and assist with the creation of the schedule.  Other community support includes adult assistance for the American High School Marching Band, teaching special needs students, and a restoration project for Saber Cat Creek Habitat.  For HTLC they participate in all sorts of youth programs, assist with communion, usher, participate in the HTLC Fantasy Football League, and assist with special events.

Midweek Lenten Services continue this Wednesday at 6:30 pm.  Relax to the calming music, listen to the thoughts of a “Voices of Lent” character (this week:  Stephanus, the Rich Young Ruler), and pound a nail into the cross representing the sins and burdens you bring to Christ.  There’s only two of these midweek services left, so if you haven’t been to one, time is running out (besides, we need more people to pound nails into the cross – I’m running out of sins! [that I can remember – some are quite blurry]).

See you in church!


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