HTLC News Email, May 17, 2019

Hi, Everyone:  Happy Syttende Mai! (Norwegian Constitution Day)  I don’t know why it hasn’t caught on around here like Cinco de Mayo has (Oh, right… lutefisk.  Well, not all countries can have as tasty a cuisine as Mexico!).

This Sunday, May 19, is the 5th Sunday of Easter and Fill the Food Barrel Sunday.  It’s also the last day of Sunday School and Adult Forum (hope you studied for the final!).  We will be recognizing our dedicated (long-suffering?) Christian Educators during the services.  We really do appreciate all of your hard work! 

The Helping Hands Field Trip has been cancelled!  It was scheduled for this Sunday at Sloppy Seconds animal shelter, but apparently iguanas don’t like the rain (Who knew?  They look pretty tough!).  Kathy is hoping to reschedule sometime this summer.  If you want to get your iguana fix, look at the cool pictures from when they visited Sunday School a few weeks back.  They’re on the Helping Hands bulletin board near the patio entrance to the sanctuary.

All are invited to the Daytimers’ Luncheon Tuesday, May 21, at 11:30 am following Bible Study at 10 am.  The theme is “potluck” (that’s as specific as they got this time).  You don’t need to bring anything, and you don’t need to come to Bible Study (although you’re welcome to).  Just show up ready to eat and chat.

Next Sunday, May 26, we begin our single-service summer schedule with worship service at 10 am.  Worship services will continue to be at 10 am each Sunday through Labor Day.  Fourth Sundays (June 23, July 28, August 25) will feature the Praise Band, the rest will be 21st Century Traditional (1st service) style.  Sunday School and Adult Forum will resume on Rally Day, September 8.  We will also be having a Farewell Potluck for the Teagues after the service next Sunday at about 11 am or so.  It’s a low-key (kind of like Muriel’s alto/tenor voice) potluck/barbecue event.  Sign-ups to bring food are on the Media Table.

The Giving Tree

Stewardship Spotlight: As another year of Christian Education wraps up, it seems like the perfect time for the Stewardship Spotlight to extend thanks to all of the people involved in these programs (Sunday School, Confirmation, Tuesday Bible Study, and Adult Forum).  Thank you to the instructors and everyone else who supports these programs in different ways.  We would also like to use this opportunity to recognize Judy McCallum (McDowell) who is retiring from Sunday School after 34 years, as she gets ready for a move to Oregon this summer.  Thank you, Judy, for all of your incredible work with the youth of the congregation!

We are having our Vacation Bible School a little earlier this year: June 24 through June 28, 6 pm to 8 pm.  Clear your calendars and the underbrush – the theme this year is “ROAR! Life is wild – God is good.”  Terri MacFarlane (, 510-402-9161) is heading it up once again and she is looking for youth and adult volunteers to help with all that goes into a successful VBS. Welcome to the jungle!

If you have been wondering when you can get rid of all your junk, I’m afraid there will be no Yard Sale this year.  The Council has decided to give the Yard Sale a rest. They will revisit having it next year. Feedback from the congregation is welcome on whether to continue having the Yard Sale and how to organize it so there is less work to set it up and less to get rid of afterward (please do not send vitriolic emails to me – I’m only the messenger!).

I’ve only received two forms for recognizing graduates!  The green forms are on the Media Table.  Don’t miss out on having your graduate recognized in the prestigious bulletin insert.  You’ve got until June 9 to put them in my box labelled Parish Life Coordinator.  (“Parish Life Coordinator” is to “Church Secretary” as “Waste Management Professional” is to “Garbage Collector”)

See you in church!


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