HTLC News Email, May 18, 2018

Hi, Everyone:

This Sunday, May 20th, is Pentecost Sunday.  Celebrate the “birthday of the church” by wearing red!  In the readings there’ll be tongues of fire, rushing wind, speaking in tongues, smoky mist, the sun turns to darkness and the moon to blood – it’s downright creepy!  Those of you who are bothered by the smoke from our usual “flaming bowl of death spirit” can breathe easier (literally) because we are foregoing it this year in favor of other visual stimuli.  We will also be celebrating Rachel Huff’s Confirmation this Sunday with a Confirmation Reception after the single 10 am service (yay, Rachel!).  It is also Fill the Food Barrel Sunday (yay, food!).

But before all the blood, fire and smoky mist, there will be a Yard Sale Meeting at 9:30 am this Sunday before the worship service.  Come and help plan this fun annual event which will be taking place on June 2nd (only two weeks away!) from 8 am to 2 pm.  Small items for the Yard Sale can be placed in the Youth Room starting this Monday.  Other items will have to wait until Saturday, May 26th after 10 am to be dropped off in Holland Hall – other groups use that space throughout the week.  After that, there will be plenty of opportunities for sorting, pricing and setting up, as well as helping out the day of the Yard Sale.  Talk to Erik Holland if you have questions.

There are so many things you can do right now at the Media Table:

  • Read copies of statements on Gaza and racism from ELCA Presiding Bishop Eaton.
  • Fill out the green forms for graduates for any graduates you know, so we can honor them in an upcoming insert (place in my box).
  • Fill out a pink hymn request form for our Favorite Hymn Sundays this summer (place in Carmen’s box).
  • Order your “God’s Work Our Hands” T-shirts.
  • Order your “Helping Hands” T-shirts (these are new shirts in honor of our Sunday School Helping Hands group!)
  • Sign up for tickets for the HTLC Day at the Ballpark on August 4th.

You can find details for most of these activities in previous emails.  If you deleted them (shame on you!), you can view them at (click on the “News and Events” tab), or read them on the bulletin board at the (wait for it…) Media Table!

See you in church – wear red!


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