HTLC News Email, May 31, 2019

Hi, Everyone:

This Sunday, June 02, is the 7th Sunday of Easter and Nacho Name Tag Sunday.  Our summer schedule has begun, so remember that the single worship service will be at 10 am.  We will return to our two-service schedule on September 08, which is Rally Day when Sunday School and Adult Forum start up again (I’m sure all the teachers are counting the days!).

Next Sunday, June 09, is Pentecost Sunday.  It is traditional to wear red on this “birthday of the church,” when the Holy Spirit came upon the apostles as wind and tongues of flame.  So start digging in your closets and drawers for your flamiest red apparel to wear next week while you listen to the Choir’s Sermon-in-Song.  That’s right, the choir is wresting the sermon slot away from Pastor Tim (it was awfully easy to do) and will be singing a short program of songs on the theme “Children of God.”  The flaming bowl will be artificial again this year, obviating the need for having the fire department on speed dial, and reducing the amount of smoke-induced coughing during the sermon.

All are invited to the Daytimers’ Barbecue on Tuesday, June 11, at 10:30 am.  This is their annual end-of-the-year potluck bash before Bible Study and Daytimers take a summer vacation.  Who will feed me on third Tuesdays now?

Stewardship Spotlight: The Stewardship Spotlight is going to go to one of the lesser known members of our community, as he is a gentleman that likes to stay in the background, but perhaps you already know who John Williams is.  The man I affectionately call the Godfather of HTLC not because he makes an offer somebody can’t refuse but because of the care, time, and concern he gives the campus and all of us.  I think he was modest on his stewardship form but it shows yardwork, choir, lay liturgist, adult forum, delivers the message when PT is away, and usher.  In his spare time he also delivers the food collected in the HTLC food barrel to LOV.  Many thanks John.  (I would also like to add that he orders and grinds the coffee beans, which fuel these caffeine-induced emails – bless you, John!)

The ever-popular Favorite Hymn Sundays are returning later this summer, and the Hymn Selection Committee is starting to take suggestions now. Been itching to sing “Christians, to the Paschal Victim” (LBW 137)?  Just fill out a hymn request form, available in your bulletin or on the Media Table in the narthex, and place it in the offering tray or Carmen’s box.  Please limit yourself to one or two hymns or Praise Band songs, list any verses which you particularly like, and be sure to put your name on it – unsigned forms will not be used (so we know who to blame credit).

Just a little over three weeks until this year’s Vacation Bible School,“Roar!”  (was that Terri’s scream I heard just now?)  Be sure you let Terri MacFarlane know you can help, and ease her anxiety (, 510-402-9161).  It runs from June 24 through June 28, 6 pm to 8 pm.  Registration forms for your kids are available on the Media Table and downloadable online at our website ( or by clicking here.

See you in church!


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