HTLC News Email September 20, 2019

Hi, Everyone!

This Sunday, September 22nd is the 15th Sunday after Pentecost and Lutheran Loose Change Sunday. There will also be a Baby Shower for Maia Victoria Krusius who is getting baptized at the second service.  All are welcome to celebrate the newest miracle that has joined the HTLC community. The shower will take place this Sunday the 22nd at 12 pm (after 2nd Service). Light snacks and cake will be available. Please join us to share joy and love with her parents, Otto and Lauren. For questions, please contact

Our annual Oktoberfest is slated for October 5th from 4 pm to 8 pm, which is only two weeks away!  There will be Germanish food, activities, prizes, and karaoke (earplugs extra).  Food will be taken care of by Hospitality, but there are many other ways you can help make this event a success, including donating baskets of goodies for the raffle.  Just see the sign-up sheets at the Media Table to find out how your talents can be put to use!  Suggested donations are $15 for adults, $12 for seniors, $10 for ages 5-9, and $45 for a family of 4.  10% will be going towards hurricane relief.  Distribute flyers available (hopefully) this Sunday, and tell your friends!

The next morning, Sunday October 6th, is Animal Blessing Sunday! Bring your stuffed toy animals to be blessed during the worship services. If you would like a photo of your pet or favorite animal displayed on the screen, please email the picture to Carmen or put prints into Pastor Tim’s box for scanning. After the second service, at about 12:15 pm on the patio, we will have the Blessing of the Live Animals. Bring your beloved pets and show them just how much they mean to you (better behavior after being blessed is not guaranteed).  Tell your pet-loving friends!

Financial Update from Your Council President:  Some of you may have noticed the Treasurer’s report in last week’s Bulletin. The surplus of $31,727 at the beginning of the calendar year has dwindled to $4,318.  

We made a conscious decision at the Annual meeting to pass a balanced budget, with the expectation that we as a congregation would increase the income to meet the expense demand.

Once the balance is depleted, we will begin dipping into Designated funds (like Catch the Excitement) to pay bills. The Council will also be meeting next month to evaluate a Strategic Plan as well as fund generating ideas, like selling or long term leasing of a portion of our land.

We are open to ideas and we have open Council positions for those that want to help build a plan that will create longer term financial stability.  In the meantime, we ask those that can give extra in the months remaining this calendar year do so.  

In order to break even by the end of the year, we need $82,000 income. That means we need 40 people to give $2000 each before the end of the year, or $515/month over the next 4 months, to cover expenses.

For those of you that have the means, please consider increasing your giving (and spending money at Oktoberfest) to help finish the year strong. Last year, thanks to some last minute generosity, we were able to end the year with a surplus, but we do not want to wait until the final hour again.

I know we are all passionate about this community and the mission of HTLC. I encourage you all to give what you can in time, skills and money to continue to support this mission.

  • Marta Wicke, HTLC Council President

See you in church!

– Keith

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