HTLC News, November 09, 2018

Hi, Everyone:

This Sunday, November 11th, is the 25th Sunday after Pentecost and Scrip Sunday.  Get your Christmas shopping done early while helping out HTLC!

Tonight is the second Friday of the month, which means it’s time for Game Night!  So “Come on down!” (in Price is Right parlance) to the Activity Room any time after 6:30 pm to eat, chat, and play some games.  We’ve recently received a donation of fancy schmancy Bingo cards, and I’ve downloaded a Bingo-calling app (yes, there’s an app for that), so maybe it’ll be our first-ever Bingo Night!  (can Catholicism be far behind?)

Next Sunday, November 18th, we will be having a single service at 10 am followed by our annual Thanksgiving Potluck.  Sign up at the Media Table if you plan to bring your award-winning [insert family recipe name here] for all to enjoy.  After the potluck, there will be a Council Meeting at about 12:15 pm (I think they’re just trying to get out of cleaning up after the potluck).

There are still lots of tags on the Angel Tree in the narthex with gift wishes from foster children for the Adopt an Angel program.  Be sure to get your tag(s) before all that’s left is some toy you’ve never heard of (what the heck is a Rocktopus?!)  The gifts are due under the tree (unwrapped and with tags) by November 25th.  If you are unable to shop, you can give a donation or gift card to Cheryl Kuhlmann and she can do the shopping for you!

In related news, the annual Angel Tea is on December 8th at noon (unofficial slogan: “Pig out for foster children!”).  Your $40 goes toward Adopt an Angel and your burgeoning waistline.  Sign-ups will be at the Media Table this Sunday for sure (right, Cheryl?).

The schedule for Sunday School and the Christmas Play seems to have been in flux.  I’ll let you know as soon as my confusion clears (which can be as persistent as fog and low clouds extending inland nights and mornings, burning off by noon).

See you in church!  Hug a veteran!


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