HTLC News, September 06, 2019

Hi, Everyone!  This is Keith again.  I’m back from my bout of Pericarditis (I probably shouldn’t have fought with Perry Carditis, but he said some pretty inflammatory things!).  Thanks for all of your kind thoughts and prayers, and a special thanks to Pastor Tim who had to do my job as well as his own!

Tomorrow, Saturday September 7th, is Church Work Day.  The festivities start at 9 am, but come whenever you can.  There’ll be projects for all abilities as we get our church looking its best for the next day (Rally Day).  If you can’t make it, I’m sure John Williams will be all too glad to find you a project you can do that fits your schedule.  There will be sign-up sheets so you can take credit for something you’ve done, or sign up for something you intend to do (so John can hound you – I mean facilitate you getting it done).  It’s up to all of us to keep God’s house looking spiffy!

This Sunday, September 8th is the 13th Sunday after Pentecost and Rally Day.  This means we are returning to our two-service worship schedule of 8:45 am and 11 am.  If you accidently come at 10 am, you’ll be just in time for our Ministry Fair between the services, where you can find out about great opportunities for involvement in our church and community, as well as have some fun and indulge in some treats!  Sunday School also starts up again this Sunday at 10 am with some crafts.  It’s God’s Work, Our Hands Sunday, so wear your yellow t-shirts if you got ‘em (wear overalls too, if you want to look like a minion).  As if that weren’t enough, during the services we’ll have the Blessing of Backpacks and Briefcases (good grades and job promotions not guaranteed), Presentation of Bibles to Hailey Roper and Christopher Wicke, and the Installation of Christian Educators.  Oh, and it’s also Scrip Sunday.  So much going on – don’t miss it!

This also seems a good time to empty our Lost and Found.  There’ll be a table with unclaimed items, so take a look and see if you recognize anything that’s yours (be honest, now!).

Tuesday Bible Study starts up again this week at 10 am.  If you’ve never been, it’s a great opportunity to learn more about the Bible and meet some fun people (I hear an awful lot of laughter coming from the Activity Room on Tuesdays).  There’s even food on third Tuesdays at the Daytimers’ Luncheon!

R & R Circle will be having a meeting this Wednesday, September 11th, at 10 am.  This is a group of women who meet a few times a year.  What are they up to?  Come and find out!

Adult Forum returns next Sunday, September 18th, at 10:15 am.  Libby Denton, our own Ministry in Context person (formerly known as a Teaching Parish Student – but that made too much sense) will be leading the class.  Show your support by showing up, but wait a few weeks before heckling her – she’s new!  You can donate to the Cause of the Month, Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, to help her and other theological students with expenses.

Another opportunity to help others is through Lutheran Disaster Response’s Hurricane Relief.  Pick up a flyer at the Media Table to find out how you can help.  Also on the Media Table are new editions of Christ in Our Home and The Word in Season in both regular and large print editions.

Cheryl Hall has refreshed the Busy Bags with new items for fall.  These are the colorful bags in the narthex with activities to keep young ones occupied (and hopefully quiet) during the services.  Thanks, Cheryl!

See you in church!

– Keith

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