This Week at Holy Trinity, March 03, 2017

Hi, Everyone:

This Sunday, March 5th, is The first Sunday of Lent. It’s also Nacho Name Tag Sunday, so I hope you haven’t decided to give up fluorescent cheese-like products for Lent.

Tonight, Friday the 3rd, is Game Night.  Come around 6:30pm to the Activity Room for good grub, gabbing, and games galore!

The Church Office is closed this week.  I have to take care of some family stuff.  Pastor Tim might be in, though I would call first because he is often out on member visits, running errands, going to meetings, or doing chores around the church (and you thought he just sat around surfing the internet until he writes his sermon on Saturday night).  This also means you won’t get this fascinating email next week.  Better not skip out of church early during the announcements.

Midweek Lenten Services start this week.  They are held Wednesdays at 6:30pm through April 5th and only last a half hour.  The music is the Holden Evening Prayer service (a.k.a. Haugen Vespers) which is very familiar, calming, and melodic.  The theme this year is “The Power of His Last Words”.  Each week a different person from the Bible will give a short reflection on some of Jesus’ last words (these are church member portrayals – we couldn’t get the actual people).  I highly recommend coming to these meditative services during this special season.

On Sunday, March 5th, the Adult Forum will begin a Lenten Study available through the ELCA World Hunger 40 Days of Giving 2017 project and presented by Dean Sieglaff.  The study seeks to raise awareness of the economic, social, and environmental factors surrounding the disturbing levels of hunger and poverty that exist in the world, and to highlight how solutions to these problems can be inspired and informed by scripture and the theology of Luther.  Copies of the Lenten Study will be available to participants at the Adult Forum meeting.  However, the document can be downloaded by clicking this link.

This Sunday is the last day for the Reformation 500 Bookstore.  It’s your last chance to order these books about Luther and the Reformation (it’s the 500th anniversary this year) for 50% off with free shipping.  Amaze your friends with your Reformation knowledge!  Those of you who already ordered in the fall, we are re-submitting your orders.

Carmen says we are almost out of purificators (the white cloths that communion assistants use to wipe the chalice – I love church vocabulary!)  If you brought some home to wash (or took one as a handkerchief because your initial is “T” which looks sort of like the embroidered cross on them), please bring them back.  Otherwise, we might end up wiping the chalice with stolen Starbucks napkins.

Wow.  Can you believe it’s only two weeks until the Spaghetti Feed?  Buy your tickets now!  Invite your friends!  Get those prize baskets together!  Distribute those flyers! Find that box of extra exclamation points!  There is stuff everybody can do to make this Spaghetti feed the biggest and best yet.  Flyers are in the narthex, or tell people to visit our website or our Facebook page for more info.

Eligible Thrivent members: your 2016 Choice Dollars are expiring March 31, 2017.  Thrivent is giving out money and you can tell them to give it to HTLC! (or other charities – I’m just making a suggestion)

See you in church!

Keith Hillesland

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