This Week at Holy Trinity, November 03, 2017

Hi, Everyone:

This Sunday, November 5th, is All Saints Sunday.  We will be remembering the saints in our lives on the bulletin cover and on the screen.  You will also have an opportunity to light a candle in remembrance of your saints during the service.  Official saints of the church will also be remembered on the screen.  It’s a moving service.  Don’t miss it.  Oh, and it’s also Nacho Name Tag Sunday (eat them reverently – the nachos, not the name tags).  Remember to set your clocks back an hour for the return to standard time, or you’ll either have to help make coffee or have to ( I mean get to) go to Adult Forum, depending on which service you attend.

Tonight (Friday the 3rd) is Game Night!  Drop on by around 6:30 pm in the Activity Room for goodies, gabbing, and games.  We always have food and games available, but you can bring your own if you like.  The more, the merrier (at least, the more food, the merrier I am!).

Thanks to all who participated in Trunk-or-Treat.  I think it was our most successful yet.  Lots of trick-or-treaters, decorated cars, food, and a fabulous haunted Holland Hall.  It took a lot of work by a lot of people, but it sure was fun (and the neighborhood kids seemed especially cute this year).  If you missed out, you have to come next year!

Thanks also to those who participated in Make a Difference Day.  Turnout was great, and I’m sure Sabercat Creek feels a lot better due to your efforts!

Our Cause of the Month for November is Adopt an Angel.  The giving tree is up in the narthex.  Help us ensure that children in foster care receive Christmas gifts. Here’s what to do:  Choose an Angel Tag from the Giving Tree in the narthex, purchase the gift, bring the UNWRAPPED gift and put it under the tree with the tag attached.  (Gift bags are not needed this year, but donations of wrapping paper are appreciated.)  Gifts need to be under the tree by Sunday, December 3rd.  If you are unable to shop, you can give a donation or gift card to Cheryl Kuhlmann and she can do the shopping for you.

Sunday November 19th will be a single WELCA Thankoffering service at 10 am followed by a Thanksgiving Potluck at about 11:15 am.  Feel free to vary from traditional Thanksgiving fare, as you’ll be getting plenty of that a few days later.  Sign-ups are on the Media Table.

Reformation 500 pint glasses are still for sale in the Narthex for only $7 each, along with some past HTLC glasses.  I’m sure they’ll be worth a pretty penny when Reformation 1000 rolls around.  (Just think how much Martin Luther’s beer mug would be worth today!)

You may have noticed on Reformation Sunday that the format of the bulletin insert has changed (my own little bit of church reform – thanks, Diana Thormoto, for your help!).  I hope it makes it easier to read as well as allowing for more room for announcements (and the all-important cartoons!).  It is still a work in progress – feedback is welcome (constructive feedback that is!).

As part of the insert reform, I’d like to update the Prayers of the Church. Since people rarely indicate a time for removal of concerns from the list, it’s gotten quite long and out-of-date.  (While God’s love is endless, space in the insert is not!)  I’m making new Prayer Request Cards for the pews with options for how long you would like the person’s name to appear, ranging from 1 to 6 weeks. If no time limit is indicated, a time of 6 weeks will be assumed. If you would like the name to appear after 6 weeks, please resubmit the name on another Prayer Card. This way, we can (hopefully) keep the prayer list current. The list will be updated in two weeks.  Thanks for your understanding.

See you in church!

Keith Hillesland

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