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Cause of the Month

Each month, the Social Committee liaison picks a social concern as a suggestion for support. If you’re looking for a place to share your time and talents, consider the Holy Trinity Cause of the Month.

Are you a Thrivent member?  

Direct your Thrivent Choice Dollars to Holy Trinity! With more than 40,000 organizations to choose from (such as HTLC), you can make an impact on the causes you care about most. To find out more, visit or call 800-847-4836 and when prompted, say “Thrivent Choice.”

Prayer Chain

The prayer chain is where you can request prayers for family and friends who have medical or other emergencies. Holy Trinity community leaders Donna and Briana receive your prayer requests and then forward them to more than 40 people via email and phone. They receive close to 100 prayer requests each year.

Contact Donna at
or Briana at

Reneal International
Education Outreach

Reneal is a ministry founded by Holy Trinity members Rene and Neal Bierbaum. Reneal’s purpose is to provide support for students, their parents, teachers and school administrators to enhance education opportunities in schools in developing countries.

Recognizing the power of technology in particular to change lives, the primary focus of this organization is to provide Information Technology expertise and assets such as computer hardware, computer software and learning resources to these schools.

For information, visit their website:

Helping Hands

Founded by Holy Trinity’s Marielle Miedema, the Helping Hands group is an avenue for Sunday School students, members of the youth group and adults to take part in community service. Special projects include an annual collection of supplies for area homeless, working with residents at an assisted living facility, building projects for a local animal sanctuary, stuffing backpacks for the Bay Area’s most vulnerable students and more.

Interested in learning about other organizations our community members support? Visit our blog post: Church members support range of organizations.

A Month of Sundays

Each Sunday of the month is special at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.

Nacho Name Tag

The first Sunday of the month is Nacho Name Tag Sunday. Eat nachos, wear a name-tag, and bring a friend to worship!

Scrip Sunday

The second Sunday of the month is Scrip Sunday. Buy gift cards to use for everyday purchases and support Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. For more about Scrip, check out the Support Us page.

Fill the Food Barrel

The third Sunday of the month is Fill the Food Barrel Sunday. Bring non-perishable items and help us fill our food barrel! All donations are given to LOV Newark.

Luther Loose Change

The fourth Sunday of the month is Luther Loose Change Sunday. Donate your loose change to help support our Catch the Excitement campaign.


The fifth Sunday of the month is Stewardship Sunday. Listen to ideas and activities from the Stewardship Committee on ways we can help strengthen Holy Trinity Lutheran Church and support our mission.

Make a prayer request

We welcome your suggestions for prayers and want to help you with your needs! Send us your confidential request, and the HTLC community will be happy to add you to our prayers.

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