Chalk your walk

Activities for kids!

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Put Our Peace Pledge Into Action

I pledge to use my words to speak in a kind way.

  • Sing a happy song! Go curbside caroling with your family; create a music video and share far and wide; sing from your window like the Italians, or simply sing along with the radio.
  • List all the things that make you happy.
  • Send Peaceful Pen Pal letters to other kids in the USA. Sign up here. We already have 350+ youth from 32 states participating!
  • Create an entry for the “I Am Powerful” Kids for Peace Book “Contest.” This will be our 5th book. Flier & Book Entry Form.
  • Write and mail a card through our Loving Letters for Grandfriends project. Send cheer to a senior citizen who can no longer receive visitors due to the COVID-19 situation. Learn More & Sign Up
  • Hold gratitude circles at dinnertime.
  • Call or FaceTime friends, Grandparents, or Grandfriends just to say hello.
  • Make up a poem with a positive message.
  • Write positive messages on Post-It Notes and place on mirrors in your house.
  • Make Peace Rocks. Paint rocks with kind words and place them around town to delight your neighbors.

I pledge to help others as I go throughout my day.

I pledge to care for our earth with my healing heart and hands.

  • Check out the one-click actions from our friends at Roots and Shoots.
  • Take a hike or visit the beach and pick up litter along the way (remember to keep the 6 feet distance from others!) #SixFeetOfKindness
  • Learn about recycling in your community and discover something new.
  • Water your plants, pick weeds.
  • Harvest seeds from fruits and replant them.
  • Learn about composting and practice in your own garden.

I pledge to respect people in each and every land.

  • Show compassion to end harassment towards Asians who might be experiencing racial discrimination because of COVID-19 fears.
  • Discover something new about a different culture or a different country.
  • Listen to music from different parts of the world.
  • Pick at least one country from each continent and discover their favorite food/dish.

I pledge to join together as we unite the big and small.

  • Loving Letters for GrandfriendsSign up a senior to receive loving letters or sign up to write loving letters to seniors! Learn more.
  • Send letters or cards to Senior Homes, Memory Care or Hospice facilities since they are not able to have visitors at this time.
  • Spend time taking care of your pet – feed them, brush them, walk them, clean up after them.

I pledge to do my part to create PEACE for one and all.

Chalk your walk

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