Devotions from Tri-City ELCA Pastors – Pastor Tia of Christ the King, September 08, 2020

Pastor Tia’s Devotion for September 08, 2020:

Wow! The last couple of days have been extraordinarily hot. Even in Berkeley. At night we still had 85 Degree in our apartment. The kids suffered through the night, switching beds, throwing away blankets and pillows, even stuffies. My son ended up falling asleep in our hallway. It was the coolest place he could find.  

For three days we basically lived of watermelon and ice-cream plus lots of water (and some cold beers for the grown-ups). Not the worst diet, I have to admit. And not the healthiest. Good thing we don’t have many more hot days around here…  

There wasn’t much to do those days. Most people I asked basically just tried to survive, stay as cool as possible, avoided moving. Just like Abraham back in the very, very old days. “The Lord appeared to Abraham by the oaks of Mamre, as he sat at the entrance of his tent in the heat of the day.” (Genesis 18,1) I had always visioned him as waiting there for something to happen in his life. But after the last days, I guess he was just dozing in the heat.  

No wonder, he knew exactly what his surprising visitors might need. Water, rest, some bread and washed feet. (I can fully relate to the feet. It bothers me when I come home from the beach or the woods and can’t wash my feet immediately.[1])  

Well, as we all know, the three men who visited Abraham were God well disguised. God showed up in the heat of the day, weary and tired, thirsty and hungry. And suddenly, Abraham was all energized to serve his visitors.  

God shows up in the heat of the day. In members of our prayer shawl ministry quickly crafting beautiful blankets for friends in need. In a kid who asked me to show her how to swim at Alameda beach. In a fresh breeze or air. In our bubble-friends handing me a cold drink after a chaotic day. In the sand between my feet. In my air-conditioning in my car. In a cold bath for my feet at night. In a bite to eat. God shows up in the heat of the day, when I need his presence (which is kind of all the time). I just need to look closely and see and feel and welcome this presence. It might be energizing! 

Wishing you a cool, energizing day, Pr Tia! 

[1] Photo by Karla Alexander on Unsplash 

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