Devotions from Tri-City ELCA Pastors – Pastor Tia Pelz of Christ the King, January 14, 2021

Devotion for January 14, 2021 from Pastor Tia Pelz of Christ the King:

Dear Saints, 

Today’s devotion is inspired byJoy Oladokun’s song “i see america” 

Here are the lyrics to her song: 

I saw God in front of a motel yesterday. 
She was darker than the preachers say. 
She had a 2-year-old in her arms. 
A tiny newborn in the car seat. 
And a beautiful 8-year-old daughter.

We brought them diapers and pads, 
Clothes and applesauce, 
Peanut butter and cracker,
Handmade face masks from our CTK Sewing Bees.
The girl carefully picked out her favorites. 
At least she had a choice for once. 
And Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwiches.
They are amazing! 

My 8-year-old talked to the other 8-year-old. 
2 girls about the same size, 
2 second grader,
Smiling at each other.
It made my heart cry, scream, burst.
One giving the other from our abundance.  
And from the abundance of our neighbors.  
So many people had contributed. 

When I see you
I see love
I see America
I feel your pain
I share your blood
I see America

We brought them Pillows and 
Blankets for the cold nights in the car to come. 
When, after 30 days in a motel, 
They will have to sleep in the car for 2 nights,
Before going back to the Motel.
Because otherwise they would be considered tenants. 
With rights and protection.
And no one wants to grant that to them. 
What choice were they givin’?
In this world that we’re livin’

I saw God going into the Motel. 
Closing the door to a world that doesn’t want her. 
Or her children. 
That treats her worse than dogs. 
Giving her shelter for a while, 
Putting her in a motel,
Not caring what she does during 2 days of the months,  
How she survives. 
And if she does,
She will be back in the Motel. 
With little chance of a real home, 
A safe home for her and her children.  

When I see you
I see love
I see America
I feel your pain
I share your blood
I see America 

And then, there are people who care. 
People who meet her on Facebook. 
People I tell about her. 
People who are touched.
And they buy applesauce for the kids 
And crackers and peanut butter. 
They give her money and pick up formula for the baby. 
They sign up for a meal train.
They see the neighbor in a homeless mom.
And I see Christ in my neighbors,  
Just doing what they can. 
And I try not to give up on this world. 
Because God and Christ are out there, 
And there is hope. 
Hope that tastes like applesauce
And smells like peanuts 
And like the gummy bears my daughter picked out for the kids
And it looks like an Email from a friend
Who wants to send money. 
There is hope and God knows it 
And Christ knows it 
And I want to know it. 
Sometimes, I do. 

Wishing you hopeful days by spreading hope, 
blessings, Pastor Tia!

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