HTLC News Email, April 24, 2020

Hi, everybody:

This Sunday, April 26th, is the third Sunday of Easter.  Once again, we will have an online worship service available for you on Sunday.  Of course, things are still unsettled as to when we can get back to worshiping together in person.  As of this writing, the shelter-in-place will still be in effect through May 3rd, but may be extended.  What worship will look like once we can come back is anyone’s guess.  Will we have HTLC-logo-emblazoned masks available?  Will ushers be taking temperatures? (not really a joke – Pastor Tim has already ordered thermometers!)  Will we have to commune in shifts to avoid communion-icable diseases?  Will we have to ban “Just a Closer Walk with Thee” from the hymn playlist??  Whenever it happens, I’m sure we will find ways to cope and be together in meaningful ways (probably involving food of some kind, if I know this congregation).

We hope that you have enjoyed the music included in our online services – Leilani and Dean have been providing lovely pieces, and Carmen has been doing an excellent job of editing everything together, including choosing images for during the music pieces.  That’s where you can help – Carmen needs your photos!  For each song, we need 4-6 images on the same theme.  Do you have photographs from family trips or local nature walks to share?  Landscape photos rather than portrait work the best.  Possible themes for pictures — mountains, lakes, flowers, animals, sunrise/sunset, rainbows, waterfalls, beaches… and of course, crosses.  The pictures can be sent to Carmen at  If you would prefer to search the internet for pictures, please contact Carmen for directions, as we have to be careful with copyright of pictures posted online.  Turn the worship service into your personal slideshow!

Speaking of pretty pictures, Kate Mills sent me a link to the annual Bringing Back the Natives Garden Guide (2020 Garden Guide) and I thought I’d share it with you.  It’s just full of pictures of flowers and beautiful gardens to brighten your day.  This year, the garden tours are virtual and free!  If you’d like to register for the live online talks and tours, follow this link:  Just think – you can see all those beautiful gardens without all that unnecessary exercise!  Thanks, Kate!

Hope you are doing well and not going COVID-crazy.  I miss you all.  (yes, even Pastor Tim!) Take Care!

– Keith
Your friendly yet socially distant PLC

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