HTLC News Email, July 15, 2022

Hi, Everybody:

This Sunday, July 17, is the 6th Sunday after Pentecost and Fill the Food Barrel Sunday.  The Worship Service is at 10 am as usual and there is a Church Council Meeting at 11:30 am.

But the big news, of course, is that the Spaghetti Feed is tomorrow!  We still have shift opportunities for food servers and cashiers, so if you’re willing to spend just a little part of the time helping out, please let us know!  One thing I haven’t been mentioning is that we could use some hand-held desserts like cookies and cupcakes to augment the tiramisu.  If you’ve got baking skills (or, let’s face it, purchasing skills) we’d appreciate it if you brought some treats.

We’ve got lots of fun baskets and prizes to raffle off, henna/face painting, a Kid’s Zone, and oh yes – deeelicious food and drink.  Fun starts at 4 pm and dinner starts at 4:30pm.  $15 for adults, $12 for Seniors, $10 for Kids 3 to 11.  So don’t miss the gondola – it’s gonna be a great time!

That’s really all I’ve got to say today.  Arrivederci! 

– Keith
your friendly Parish Life Coordinator (i.e. Church Secretary)

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