HTLC News Email, June 3, 2022

Hi, Everybody:

This Sunday, June 5, we’ll be celebrating the Day of Pentecost.  It’s considered the birthday of the church, when the Holy Spirit was revealed to the apostles through wind, flame, and speaking in tongues.  It’s traditional to wear red on this day, so don’t forget those vermillion vestments!  Also, being the first Sunday of the month, it is Nacho Name Tag Sunday, plus we’ll have our monthly Zoom Coffee Chat at 9:15 am.  Our in-person/livestreaming Worship Service is at 10 am.  Thank you to Pastor Adisa Armand for filling in for Pastor Tim while he is attending the Synod Assembly.

As you may have heard, due to a spike in COVID cases, Alameda County is reimposing a mask requirement in most indoor settings starting today.  You are encouraged to wear masks at our services, stay home if sick or positive, and test if symptomatic or exposed.  We continue to have hand sanitizer and masks on hand as well as excellent ventilation at our services (or is that the Holy Spirit blowing through?).

VBS is coming in one week!  This year, Vacation Bible School is a one-day affair on Saturday, June 11 from 9 am to 3 pm.  “HayDay – Growing in Friendship with Jesus.” is the farm-based theme this year (holy cow!).  It’s for children (or kids!) ages 4 to 14.  Lunch will be provided.  If you’re interested in joining VBS, please contact Marta Wicke (  I’m sure it will be a MOOving experience!

Is someone in your family graduating? (maybe YOU?)  Be sure to fill out a green form located on the Media Table in the narthex and put it in my box by June 12.  We would like to honor all this year’s graduates in an upcoming insert (such an honor!).  This includes all of those graduating from High School, College, University, Advance Degree, and Certificate Programs.  We do not want to leave anyone out!  You can also you can email the details to me at

Father’s Day is on June 19, and we will be having a Father’s Day Barbecue in honor of all fatherly-types!  It will be at 11 am following the worship service. Please sign up on the clipboard at the Media Table so Hospitality can know how many for which (for whom?) to plan.  (I was going to put a “dad joke” here, but since I’m not a dad, that would be a faux pa!)

– Keith
your friendly Parish Life Coordinator (i.e. Church Secretary)

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