HTLC News Email, May 22, 2020

Hi, Everyone:

This Sunday, May 24, is the 7th Sunday of Easter.  Yesterday was the Ascension of Our Lord, when Jesus, after appearing to the disciples, hitches a ride on a cloud to heaven.  You’ll hear more about it in the Reading and Sermon on Sunday (we’re giving Jesus a few extra days to stick around). 

It’s come to my attention that some things which I usually print in the bulletin insert are being missed.  One was the cartoons, which I’ve already started putting in my Sunday emails. Another was the financial updates, which I sent out with last week’s Friday email blast.  One more is the Prayers of the Church, which is the list of individuals we pray for each week that appears in the insert.  I will begin including that in my Sunday emails as well, beginning with this Sunday.  Normally, these names come from the prayer cards from the pews or emails people send me.  If you would like a name included in this list, please email it to me along with how long you’d like the name to remain on the list.  I’m sorry for this oversight.  (Is it possible to pray retroactively?  I’ll let Pastor Tim handle that one.)

Another thing I usually print in the insert:  Graduates!  Yes, each year about this time we honor the graduates in our midst.  This includes all of those graduating from high school, college/university, advanced degree, and certificate programs. We do not want to leave anyone out!  So, if you know of someone you want to brag about (even if it’s yourself), please email me the following information:

  • Graduate’s name
  • Name of the school and location (i.e. “University of California, Berkeley”  [GO BEARS! – sorry, that an automatic reaction from my Cal Band days.])
  • Major (if applicable)
  • Degree or certificate earned (if applicable)

I’ll give you a couple of weeks to get the info to me, then I’ll mention them in the email blast on June 12th.  I know, it’s not nearly as prestigious as having it printed in the insert, but maybe you could print out the email and frame that!

Last Sunday was Fill the Food Barrel Sunday, and even with the rain and social distancing you guys come through with 256 items of food valued at $320!  We got a nice thank-you letter from LOV Newark, which has been delivering food to those that cannot get out of the house and is struggling at this time to stay open and meet demands.  Thanks for helping!

I hope you’re all staying safe in your homes.  Remember, lying on the couch snacking and binge-watching Netflix is now considered a selfless act!

– Keith (your friendly Frito-full PLC)

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