HTLC News Email, May 7, 2021

This Sunday, May 9, is the 6th Sunday of Easter and Scrip Sunday.  Pastor Tim is helping with the Synod Convention this week, so Carmen Blair will be taking over as emcee (not the correct church term).  Of course, it’s also Mother’s Day!  Confirmation Class has ended, and there is no Sunday School this Sunday so all you kids can concentrate on doing whatever MOM wants to do (warning: this may include cleaning your room).  Sunday School resumes next week for its final session.  There is also no Coffee Chat and no Communion this Sunday, so you’ll have time to pick up your…

Mother’s Day Brunch! Yes, today (Friday the 7th) is the last day to sign up for Sunday’s sumptuous meal of French toast, ham and eggs, and fruit compote. This is not a fundraiser, but if you’d like to contribute to help defray the cost of brunch, you can use the “Mother’s Day Brunch” category in the GivePlus app, mail in a donation marked “Mother’s Day Brunch,” or throw some money in the jar when you come to get your food. All together, now: “Thanks, Mom! (and Hospitality!)”

On Wednesday, May 19, Zoey Roper will be helping create an Abode Ice Cream Social for 30 kids who live in Abode’s apartment complex. Abode offers housing programs linked to support services for low-income and homeless families and individuals. Donations will help in getting enough ice cream and ice cream-related toys. If you donate over $20, you can get a digital pet portrait, and if you donate over $30, you can get a pet portrait or you can receive a digital portrait of you or your family. Please mark donations as for “Abode Ice Cream Social” or use the “Abode Ice Cream Social” category in the GivePlus app. Any extra funds will go to LOV Newark’s food pantry. Please email with any questions. Thank you!

Our Ministry in Context Student Tori Valcarcel’s Adult Education Forum“Church, Community, Self: Health & Wholeness in Times Like These,” continues on Thursdays May 13th and 20th.  Explore and share how our individual, church, and communal identities have been shaped by the past year, and make space to imagine what the coming year holds.  Tori will bring her knowledge and background as a seminarian, a community health practitioner, and mental health advocate. You are invited to bring yourself, your knowledge and experiences, and a willingness to go where the Spirit leads!  Please let her know if you plan on coming by RSVP’ing directly to Tori at 

Coming up in June will be our second year of VBS Online via Zoom!  It will take place Mon- Fri, June 14-18 at 6-6:45 pm (or so).  For more information, please see the attached letter from Terri MacFarlane, our intrepid VBS Coordinator. 

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to give Mom (or your favorite Mom-ish person) a virtual hug!

– Keith
your friendly Parish Life Coordinator (i.e. Church Secretary)
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Fremont CA

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