HTLC News Email, Nov. 19, 2021

Hi, Everybody:

This Sunday, November 21, is Christ the King/Thanksgiving Sunday.  Thanksgiving is usually close to Christ the King Sunday, so they have to share a Sunday.  Christ the King is the last Sunday of the church year, which begins with the season of Advent (next week).  There is a Council Meeting at 11:30 am by Zoom.  Otherwise, the schedule is as usual.  The forecast is for sunny weather, so the 10 am service will be outside (with masks and distancing).

Speaking of Advent, Pastor Tim will have the theme “Close to Home” from the resource of the same name by Rev. Sarah (Are) Speed.  

Speaking again of Advent, Christ the King is inviting us to their Advent Season Fellowship next Sunday at 2 pm on their patio.  There will be friendship, music, carols, cookies, and a beverage.  If you wish to make an Advent wreath (bring your own greens), click here.  The form says to register by Oct. 31, but I just got this information this week, so maybe they’ve extended it.  At any rate, It sounds like great fun – drop on by!  Here’s the address:  1301 Mowry Avenue, Fremont, CA 94538.

Tori Valcarcel, our Ministry in Context student with CTK, will be presenting a Living Advent Calendar.  We are invited to join at Christ the King on Dec.12 for the last installment and Tori’s last day with our churches.  More details to come.

Don’t forget to give me the names of people who need to remain on the Prayers of the Church in Sunday’s email and insert.  I will be starting over with a clean slate for the new church year, so please email me the names or put them in my box by Wednesday, Nov. 24.  Thank you for your help.

Now, back to Thanksgiving.  The kids in Sunday School made lists of what they are thankful for and put it into a word cloud, and here it is!  Great job, kids!

 (okay, who put bubblewrap?)

– Keith
your friendly Parish Life Coordinator (i.e. Church Secretary)

Upcoming Events:
Nov 21:  Christ the King Sunday
Nov 25:  Thanksgiving Day
Nov 28:  1st Sunday in Advent
Dec 12:   Virtual Christmas Pageant
               Tori’s last day with HTLC/CTK
               Tori’s Living Advent Calendar at CTK

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