HTLC News Email – October 23, 2020

Hi, Everybody:

This Sunday, October 25, is Reformation Sunday!  It’s the Sunday we celebrate Martin Luther kicking off the Reformation by nailing his 95 theses about church reform to the Wittenburg church doors back in 1517 (actually, on October 31st!).  Be sure to wear red when watching the Online Worship Service or tuning in to Zoom Coffee Chat at 9:15 (drinking coffee from your matching Martin and Katie Luther mugs – I know you have them!), Zoom Communion at 9:45, and Zoom Adult Forum at 10 am.

Did I say Adult Forum?  Yes!  Adult Forum is back this Sunday at 10 am with part one of Kathleen and Leah Keating’s presentation on their trip to Romania.  This week will focus on the archaeological excavations and the findings of the field school. Week two will show the churches they visited and include a discussion of the religious history of the Transylvanian region. In lieu of Sunday School and Confirmation Class, students are encouraged to attend Adult Forum (Parental advisory – human skeletal remains will be shown).

Next Sunday, November 1st, is All Saints Sunday when we remember our loved ones who have passed on.  If you would like the name of your loved ones to appear in the bulletin,  please email them to me by Tuesday, October 27th.  Pictures of them can be shown in the online video service by emailing them to Carmen Blair.  Also let her know if you want a picture which has been shown in previous years.  Make sure the family is okay with sharing the photo on the internet.

Our parking lot is still closed through at least October 30th while it undergoes repair.  Parking is available on the street.  So far, dirt and loose gravel have been removed (and turned into a lovely path to the sheds) and potholes and cracks have been filled (it looks a bunch of giant snail tracks).  Next comes the surface slurry seal (say that five times fast!) and restriping.  Thanks to Boy Scout Troop #132 and Guerra Construction for their hard work and willingness to do this.  

– Keith, your friendly Parish Life Coordinator (i.e. Church Secretary)

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