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Worship service for August 2, 2020

Welcome! Thank you for joining our service!

This Sunday, August 2nd, is the 9th Sunday after Pentecost.  Pastor Tim is on vacation this week, so Pastor Barbara of Holy Redeemer in Newark will be providing the Children’s Time and Sermon for our online worship.  We will not be having Zoom Communion this week, but we will continue to have Zoom Coffee Chat at 10 am.

We continue to record online worship services in lieu of in-person worship at the church due to COVID-19.  Please see our bulletin if you’d like to follow along and participate.  Today’s worship service was recorded at different times and places in order to observe social distancing restrictions.

Full service

Click here for a Bulletin for the Service
Click here for a Children’s Bulletin for ages 3+
Click here for a Children’s Bulletin for ages 7+

Children’s time

Reading and sermon

Musical selections

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