Worship service for Oct. 11, 2020

We’re so glad you decided to visit HTLC today!

Thank you for joining us for today’s worship service for Sunday, Oct. 10, the 19th Sunday after Pentecost. Please join us for the following Zoom calls set for today! Zoom information is in your email*.

  • Coffee Chat at 9:15 am
  • Communion at 9:45 am 
  • Sunday School at 10 am
  • Confirmation at 10 am  

*To join our email list, send a request to office@holytrinityfremont.org with your email information.  

We continue to record online worship services in lieu of in-person worship at the church due to COVID-19.  Please see our bulletin if you’d like to follow along and participate.  Today’s worship service was recorded at different times and places in order to observe social distancing restrictions.

Staying connected: Are you looking for a way to feel more connected with Holy Trinity or needing a little extra support right now? Please fill out our online connection card and let us know you were here!

Full service

Click here for a Bulletin for the Service
Click here for a Children’s Bulletin for ages 3+
Click here for a Children’s Bulletin for ages 7+

Children’s time

Reading and sermon

Today’s music

1 thought on “Worship service for Oct. 11, 2020”

  1. Hello Pastor @ Keith I’ve been following your Sunday services for the past several weeks on your website. John Williams and Fay as well as your web site has been keeping me informed about the Boy Scouts working on the parking lot recoating as well as other projects at the church. It sounds like your head is being held above water. as well as having so many loyal contributors that keep things rolling. The virus has kept us in the house for the past few months so we haven’t been out to any activities
    except for Dr. visits. We have not joined a church out here in Kansas yet.

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