HTLC News Email, May 1, 2020

Hi, Everybody:

This Sunday, May 3rd, will be the 4th Sunday of Easter, and would have been Nacho Name Tag Sunday if not for COVID-19 (feel free to move it two days later to Cinco de Mayo – but you still have to wear the name tag!).  It’s also Good Shepherd Sunday, with Psalm 23 (The Lord is my Shepherd…) and a Gospel reading where Jesus confuses people by describing himself as a shepherd, and tries to clear it up by saying he is a gate.  I don’t know who the gatekeeper is – St. Peter?  We’re supposed to be the sheep. (Although, Jesus is also the Lamb of God – but that’s a different context)

It’s also the 7th Sunday of shelter-in-place orders.  It would have been the last Sunday if the order hadn’t been recently extended to May 31st with the new order from the Alameda County Health Officer that takes effect at 11:59 pm Sunday.  Here is a link so that you can read it in all its legally-binding glory:  This one is 16 pages long, not including the 3 appended documents.  Enjoy!  

So, obviously we won’t be having any in-person worship services until at least June.  We will continue to have our online worship services.  I hope you have been enjoying them – it is an evolving process.  We have been trying to include more participants by having them record in their own homes (Marta’s kids did such a good job and were sooo cute last week!).  Pastor Tim has even shifted his work week so that he gets his sermon ready by Wednesday, which gives Carmen more time to edit the videos.  Will this work ethic continue even after this pandemic?  More importantly, will PT continue to have 7 to 10 minute sermons? (I wouldn’t count on it!)

Pamela (our Scrip Guru) wanted to let you know about ThanksScripting Day coming up on May 7.  These one-day-only promotions only happen three times a year and feature big rebates on some of ShopWithScrip’s most popular merchants. They don’t give the specifics until the sale day, so you need to either get their regular email or log in to on May 7 to see what is available.  If it’s something you use, this is the best time to get it, and HTLC gets a percentage of your purchase!  Anyone who still needs to get an account set up can do so in the next few days by going to and using our organization code B768EC1D14576.  It is not necessary to link to your bank account using the PrestoPay functionality, just place your order and then pay with a check.  ShopWithScrip has also started accepting credit cards!  Anyone who needs help with this process is welcome to get in touch with Pamela.

Pastors Tia, Barbara, and Tim continue to give me devotions to send to you on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  I’ve been enjoying them immensely, and several others have also expressed to me their appreciation for these personal, moving, informative, inspiring, and entertaining pieces.  If you haven’t read them already, you can visit our website and go to our Blog under News and Events.  There you’ll find the latest devotions, email blasts, and worship services, as well as an archive of past posts.

A couple of reminders:  If you or someone you know needs cheering up, contact Cheryl Hall and she can send them an encouraging card.  Also, if you need help with getting groceries, prescriptions, etc., a few members have volunteered to help by picking up and delivering.  Just let me know.  We’re here for each other in these difficult and, according to one commercial, anxious times.  (Personally, I’ve found them to be fattening times, but I’m sure Weight Watchers will get around to using that particular adjective).

Coronally yours,


Your friendly PLC

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