HTLC News Email, October 02, 2020

Hi, Everybody:

This Sunday, October 4, is the 18th Sunday after Pentecost and Animal Blessing Sunday.  The Live and Stuffed Animal Blessing will be online this year via Zoom at noon.  If you and your pet or stuffed animal would like to participate, just send me an email with your name and pet name (I mean the name of your pet – I don’t really want to know if your significant other calls you snookums or puddin’ cup).  I’ll send you the Zoom info and the bulletin for the blessing.  It would be nice to know how many people/pets to expect on the Zoom call to see if we will need to break into groups.  There will be no Sunday School, but the kids are encouraged to attend the Live/Stuffed Animal Blessing.  Online Worship ServiceZoom Coffee Chat, and Zoom Communion will continue this week as usual.  Watch for your Sunday morning email!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I’m sure Briita would say “Ladies, get your mammograms!”  Sage advice.  Our Social Concerns Cause of the Month for October is Culinary Angels.  They are a volunteer, donation-based organization that provides nutrient-rich meals and nutrition education to people going through serious health challenges.  Meals are delivered free-of-charge throughout Livermore, Dublin, and Pleasanton, and about 95% of their recipients are actively going through cancer treatment.  Please mark any contributions as for “Cause of the Month.”

There are several special Sundays coming up:  Children’s Sabbath is on October 18, Reformation Sunday is on October 25, and All Saints Sunday is on November 1st (it’s on the real All Saints Day this year!).  Information on how you can be virtually involved on these Sundays will be forthcoming – just thought I’d warn you!

For those of you who are wondering “Whatever happened those puzzle pieces we decorated and sent in?”  (I’m sure it is foremost in your mind) I’m happy to report we’ve gotten about 60 of them back and I will start on the display next week.  So, if you haven’t turned yours in yet, it’s still not too late!  Drop it off this Sunday morning 8:30 – 11 or early next week during office hours.  I’ve got a few spare puzzle pieces if you’ve lost yours.  (I was going to start on the display this week, but those stuffed animals in the altar area creep me out.  I don’t know, ever since I saw that series of documentaries called “Toy Story”…)

– Keith, your friendly Parish Life Coordinator (i.e. Church Secretary)

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