Worship Service for May 31, 2020

Watch our worship service for May 31, 2020 here!

This Sunday, May 31, is Pentecost!  Considered the birthday of the church by some, it celebrates when the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples in the form of wind, tongues of flame, and the ability to speak in different languages – weird stuff!  It’s one of only two Sundays of the year when we have red paraments and Pastor Tim gets to wear his red chasuble (no, I’m not typing in tongues – those are churchy words for decorative altar area cloths and what is essentially a poncho for pastors).  It’s traditional to wear red, so while you’re watching the worship service, I’m sure you’ll all be wearing your red pajamas, red bathrobes, or those red long johns with the rear flap they have in the cartoons.  

Too bad we won’t see that though, because we are still sheltering in place and protecting ourselves and each other from the novel coronavirus.

Now that everyone’s comfortable, feel free to see our bulletin if you’d like to follow along and participate.  Today’s worship service was recorded at different times and places in order to observe social distancing restrictions.  

Full worship service

Click here for a Bulletin for the Service
Click here for a Children’s Bulletin for ages 3+
Click here for a Children’s Bulletin for ages 7+

Children’s time

Gospel and sermon

Musical selections

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